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ZENTIFOOD – Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic Green Tea – Ceremonial Matcha First Harvest Single Origin 1.2oz/34g (20%↑). No-GMO, Organic Green Tea. Japan’s Secret Matcha Not From UJI.

by on 11/09/2016

OUR MATCHA – Made with care and love.

We travelled from China to Japan to find the greenest and highest quality green tea matcha powder we can for an affordable price. We took great care select our farms, processing factory and how we package your matcha in small batches to ensure we retain the freshness of our organic matcha green tea.
WHY OUR MATCHA? – Superior richness, taste, look and smell.

✔ JITTER FREE – We all like a little kick start to our days. And while coffee can be great for this, we also don’t like the burst feel from coffee. Matcha provides a great slow release mechanism that’s nutrient and antioxidant rich without the bursty buzz of coffee.

✔ IDEAL USE – Drink before meetings, helps improve concentration or as part of a workout green tea smoothy, green tea latte, matcha cakes, matcha drinks, matcha smoothies, matcha cookies,


✔ DIRECT FROM SOURCE – From the farms of Kyushu and processed in our 200-year-old plant in the heart of UJI. Our factory master is over 80 years old and has been producing matcha since he was 16
✔ HANDPICKED – From the First 4-5cm of the first harvest green tea camellia tree resulting in only the finest tasting Umami Rich tea flavour!
✔ THE UJI WAY – Steamed, dried, and stone ground in our factory steeped in ancient UJI tradition
✔ STONE GROUND – Slowly ground to ensure that the tea is exposed to as little heat friction as possible. The gentle grinding helps produce the finest flavoursome tea while maintaining the maximum nutritional and vitamin benefits

✔ 100% SATISFACTION – If you don’t like how our green tea matcha tastes.30 Day Money Back Promise

WHAT YOU GET 1.2oz/34g ceremonial green tea matcha sealed in foil & stored in a tin. More matcha for a greater values/g

Product Features

  • ✔ TASTE – The difference with our organic matcha green tea gmo-free freshly ground ceremonial grade matcha. The most delicious Green Matcha Tea that you will have every seen on the market. Our Ceremonial grade matcha is a superior tasting Single Origin Tea.
  • ✔ FIGHT CELL AGEING WHILE REPLENISHING YOUR BODY – Youthfulness from the knowledge that you have a rich source of antioxidants & Amino Acids Including (EGCg) & (L-Theanine), Cholesterol that helps slow the ageing of cells by combating those Free Radicals.
  • ✔ GUTT BOOSTING – Anti-bacterial qualities of the finest matcha green tea powder on the market.
  • ✔ WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AID – Slow and consistent energy release can aid weight loss leaving you without sudden cravings for food. From yoga to meditation to busy executives rewards yourself and relax and feel focused and energised and with a cup of our ZENTIFOOD green tea matcha.
  • ✔ FEEL ENERGISED – Love the feeling of abundant smooth energy throughout the day, a delicate balance of alertness without the edge of coffee and leaving you to jitter with free energy, more focused, relaxed and calm.

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