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Vibe: Unlock the Energetic Frequencies of Limitless Health, Love & Success

by on 09/24/2019

In Vibe, bestselling author Robyn Openshaw reveals the difference between low vibration emotions (fear, anger, inertia) and high vibration emotions (love, inner peace, gratitude) and helps readers dramatically impact their physical and mental well-being by raising their vibrational frequencies.

The great Austrian scientist Nikola Tesla is a household name among today’s scientific community, known for his finding that all matter has vibrational energy, or electrical frequency, and that we are all electrical beings, made up of rapidly vibrating cells.

Most of us are vaguely familiar with this concept, but we don’t realize the powerful implications this has for our choices every day—which foods to eat, how much water to drink, what we think about when we’re in the car or the shower, what our risk of disease is, and how we feel at any given moment are all affected by the power of vibration.

Everything in health and wellness should revolve around the basic concept that what we choose to eat and what we choose to do lowers or raises our vibration. And that makes all the difference.

Vibe explores the foods, natural substances, and lifestyle practices that can raise our vibrations. Robyn Openshaw reveals evidence that shows how drinking green juice, using certain essential oils, and engaging in yoga and meditation raises the frequency of the human brain and other organs. Living in a “high vibe” state can make us resilient to illness, fatigue, burnout, and depression. Readers will learn all about the low vibration emotions (fear, anger, inertia) and the high vibration emotions (love, peace, gratitude) and how to achieve higher vibrations in everyday living. Openshaw explores how the smallest changes in our life—from what we eat to how we think—can radically improve our mood, overall health, and quality of life.


3 thoughts on “Vibe: Unlock the Energetic Frequencies of Limitless Health, Love & Success

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not as it appears If you want to live a self centered life this is the book to read. Sorry folks but I was very let down after reading all the hype. Yes there were some good points and information on nutrition etc. but mostly I learned how smart she is, how wealthy she is (continuously reminded of both) and more about porn (not love) than I ever cared to know. After half way through the book my vibe went very low because I had to force myself to finish reading it. Don’t mean to be cruel but this is how the book…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It reads like a guide to what we can do (food

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is what I needed to read and every person on earth for that matter! This book has given me a whole new perspective on our vibes, low frequency emotions, and the process of working through them. I love that Robyn actually teaches you techniques to become more mindful. She has such an extensive background in this topic it’s amazing she was really able to sum up her years and years of experience and boil it down to the necessary nuts and bolts of how to immediately implement these amazing techniques… (like tapping which I didn’t know anything about!). Everyone…