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Vanilla Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – 80 Servings, 8 oz – 2 Ingredients, Natural Flavored Instant Tea for Drinking, Smoothies or Baking, Grade A Matcha

by on 10/12/2018

Taste & Flavor:

Those new to Matcha will find our naturally flavored matcha tea most pleasant to drink. Matcha tea is a full leaf, ground into a powder & then mixed into whatever you desire. Consistency is different than steeped teas and will be slightly grainy. Being the whole leaf is what makes it so healthy and powerful, but it may take some getting used to it. The tea has an earthy, vegetative smell & flavor, but the Vanilla helps flavor the tea. Being that it is a powder, it will add texture to whatever it is mixed into although our proprietary fine grind and fine vanilla powder will make this much more enjoyable for drinking, baking or smoothies that non flavored versions.

Drink Preparation

Start with a 1/2 teaspoon in 4 oz of water. Adjust amount of water & powder to taste. Add coconut oil, non-dairy or dairy creamers & sweeteners by taste.

No-Waste Resealable Fresh-Keeping Bag

No extra paper wasted on our fresh-keeper bags. Our bag is simple and to-the-point, keeping the tea fresh for months of use.

Studied Benefits of Matcha

(The following statements are based off of independent studies of Matcha tea and no specific claim or guaranteed is being made about these effects. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)





– L-Theanine increases production of dopamine and seratonin



– BURNS FAT – up to 4x that of average awake state


– shown to have antibiotic properties and include important nutrients

– VITAMINS – A, B-complex, C, E, K and trace minerals.

Product Features

  • EASY TO MIX MATCHA FOR DRINKING – FINE GROUND TEA POWDER – Guaranteed to be the easiest mixing USDA Certified Organic Matcha Tea Powder ever it requires no bamboo tea whisk & can be used with hot or cold water. It’s so fine it is perfect for use it in a green tea shake, Matcha smoothie or as a Matcha baking powder. Our Premium Flavored Matcha is a true naturally instant flavored tea powder.
  • BEST TASTING MATCHA TEA – Using only 2 simple ingredients – Vanilla Extract Powder and Green Matcha Tea Powder – we’ve created something game-changing. If you’ve tried Matcha tea before and wasn’t a fan, but loved the superfood benefits and energy, it’s time to try Bo-Cu Vanilla Flavored Matcha. Being made of a mixture of matcha and vanilla, the taste will amaze you and is perfect for making drinking tea or other cooking uses.
  • BETTER VALUE – 80 SERVINGS PER BAG – In many ways Grade A Matcha Powder is better than Culinary Matcha and Ceremonial Matcha, with all the same tea benefits but at a better price per serving. Each 8oz bag contains about 80 ½-tspn servings (or 40 full teaspoons). Compare to other high end Matcha tea at 4-8 TIMES THE COST per serving.
  • NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO COFFEE – NATURAL ENERGY DRINK ALTERNATIVE – USDA Organic Matcha powder tea is known to work as an all-day calm energy booster with no crash. Its all natural energy is perfect to use as a concentration supplement. Macha is often considered one of the best natural mood enhancers and works well as a memory enhancer too.
  • NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE GREEN TEA – DAIRY FREE – VEGATARIAN AND VEGAN – Great source of many nutrients such as immune system boosting potassium, Vitamin A & C, Iron and Calcium. Known for lowering cholesterol, perfect as an endurance drink, a 5 hour energy pick-me-up or for slowly getting up in the morning. Make a flavored bulletproof tea by mixing in coconut oil. Use it as a detox tea or a calorie burning tea and a metabolism booster

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2 thoughts on “Vanilla Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – 80 Servings, 8 oz – 2 Ingredients, Natural Flavored Instant Tea for Drinking, Smoothies or Baking, Grade A Matcha

  1. McRobert125 says:

    High Quality Matcha Tea I consider myself a bit of a tea connoisseur and like to buy the large variety packs of tea so I can experiment with different flavors.. My buddy at work mentioned that I should try Matcha tea to try something different as I am traditionally used to tea in bags instead of powdered tea that you mix directly into hot water like Matcha.First off, the price is very reasonable for 80 servings and I like that the tea is organic and only has two ingredients as seen in the attached photos…

  2. beowulf says:

    Yuck! Normally when I buy something that’s inexpensive, when turns out to be low quality, I shrug it off with a, “I got what I paid for.” But the bitter aftertaste of this matcha is so bad, it’s not even worth its low price. I drink a lot of matcha, so I don’t always buy the top shelf “ceremonial quality” product, but I’ve never had low-cost matcha that left this much of a bad taste in my mouth. The product has a no-return policy, so here’s $16 that’s going straight into the trash…