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TRUProteins Meal Replacement Bundle. Consists of 2 Items, Dark Cacao NutraWhey Protein Powder(15 Serving) & Nurish Nutritional Boost for smoothies(12 Servings)

by on 06/09/2016

There are a lot of choices available to you in the meal replacement category, but most are made with low quality ingredients that contain little real nutritional value.
TRUProteins stands out from the competition by using whole food, natural ingredients to provide complete nutrition that tastes great.
Our nutritional shakes provides the highest quality protein from grass-fed native whey, vitamins from whole food fruits and veggies(not from manufactured vitamins), nutrients from coconut water, healthy fats from flax, chia & coconut oil, healthy slow release carbs from a blend of organic ancient grains, digestive enzyme blend and a probiotic. All that without GMOs, gluten free, no hormones chemicals or artificial anything. We create our products in small batches with no heat to preserve all of the natural nutrients. Did I mention it’s delicious as well?

Product Features

  • A great tasting, healthy, natural meal replacement. Start your day off right. Don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day. Made from Non-GMO Whole foods with nothing artificial. Even the vitamins are from whole food sources unlike most other products which use manufactured vitamins.
  • Like Brangelina & Kimye, TRUProteins NutraWhey and Nurish were formulated to create the perfect couple.
  • NutraWhey provides grass fed whey protein, coconut water, flax & chia, digestive enzyme and probotic.
  • Nurish provides 50% RDA of whole food vitamins(Not manufactured vitamins). Healthy fats from coconut oil and slow release healthy carbs from organic ancient grains.
  • TRUProteins provides the highest quality products. We guarantee your satisfaction with our products.

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