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The Shred Power Cleanse: Eat Clean. Get Lean. Burn Fat.

by on 11/01/2019

Dr. Ian is answering Shredder Nation’s call for a short-term, fast-acting cleanse that will help you reset and power through to your new weight loss goal!

The SHRED Power Cleanse takes the classic detox plan to a new level. You won’t find any fiberless, anemic juices on this regimen! Dr. Ian lays out each day of the two-week program, giving you everything you need to jump-start BIG change:

– More than 50 smoothie recipes built to boost your immunity and maintain your protein and fiber intake, including Dr. Ian’s signature Purple Power Cleanse smoothie

– Fresh salads and other clean foods to fill you up and keep your energy level high

– Detoxifying exercise regiments for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels

– A Weekend Power Tune-up bonus, designed to keep you on track long after the two weeks of the cleanse are up and all some Shred Cleansers will need.

The SHRED Power Cleanse will keep you satisfied, clear your mind, and leave you several pounds lighter.


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2 thoughts on “The Shred Power Cleanse: Eat Clean. Get Lean. Burn Fat.

  1. Anonymous says:

    A CLEANSING PROGRAM THAT IS LIKE NONE OTHER, A MUST HAVE!!! I received a copy of this book as one of the audience members at the Rachael Ray show and had a chance to try the program before it was released on the 29th. This book came in handy cause I had a chance to try the program right after the Thanksgiving Holidays, and of course I ate more than I bargained for. I was bloated, feeling full and needed something to fix me quickly. BAM, tried the program and I loved it. Not only did it take away from the bloatiness but I had more energy, my skin…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glossy Detachment — Big Issue! I actually followed through with the suggestions in this book in order to get my junk food addiction & sugar craving under control, and I felt absolutely renewed in mind, body, & spirit during the entire process, and thereafter. I unfortunately purchased everything on the list I thought I would eat or try; in the end, I tossed a lot of expired yogurt (so hate wasting food).My biggest issue with the book was (and still is) — from page 1 the pages just started popping apart…