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The Power Box Diet: Green Smoothie & Juicing Diet With A Twist – Notebook, Journal, & Recipe Book

by on 07/06/2019

We hope you’ll enjoy The Power Box Diet in the 6 x 9 inch; 15.24 x 22.86cm size as much as we did creating in for you. The Power Box Diet is a classic and portable workbook loving design to help you to get the forces of nature working in your life to make you more happy, healthy, and sexy. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this workbook. Each day that you use it is another rub at the genie’s lamp.

The Power Box Diet features include:

  • 121 white pages
  • Unique Designer cover
  • Portable 6 x 9 inch / 15.24 x 22.86cm size that fits perfectly in your backpack, satchel, or bag.
  • The bold white paper is sturdy enough to be used with all kinds of pens, markers, pencils and more.

Reliable standards: The Power Box Diet uses industry perfect binding (the same standard binding as the books in your local library). Tough matte paperback. Crisp white paper with quality that minimizes ink bleed-through.The Power Box Diet is great for either pen or pencil pushers.

The Power Box Diet is a great gift for anyone wishing to work on getting the most out of every second of their life. Do you know anyone like that?

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The Power Box Diet


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