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The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution: Nature’s Fast Lane To Peak Health

by on 09/02/2019

New Bestselling Green Smoothie Book Now Available In Print Version!

Join The Green Smoothie Revolution For Abundant & Radiant Health!

Feeling tired, stressed and depressed?

Introducing a simple, affordable, mouth-watering way to improve your health from the inside out. The “Green Smoothie diet Solution” gives you a simple, immediate and complete blueprint you can start using today to achieve new levels of health and well being!

Expensive equipment Not Required! Hard to find exotic fruits and vegetables, Not Essential! And as a bonus, you’ll spend less than you normally would at the supermarket, while enjoying all of the nutritious benefits of deliciously tasty green smoothies.

Inside You’ll learn How To:

  • Create the perfect smoothie every single time (step–by-step)
  • Balance sweet and savory flavors for maximum taste
  • Rotate greens for maximum efficiency
  • Supercharge your smoothies with next level ingredients
  • Purchase the best blender without breaking your budget

Licensed Naturopath and Raw Food Expert, Elizabeth Swann focuses on the 7 critical factors of peak health and how to easily achieve them.

This Book Will Show You How To:

  • Overcome sugar cravings and shed inches fast
  • Detoxify your body
  • Fight the negative effects of stress
  • Feel happier and calmer
  • Increase vitality
  • And improve the look of your hair and nails

Over 30 flavor packed, health infused recipes that are guaranteed to be:

  • 100% Kid friendly
  • 100% Budget friendly
  • 100% Budget friendly
  • 100% Quick & Easy to prepare
  • 100% Quick & Easy to prepare
  • 100% Created with ingredients you can find anywhere

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Get instant access to Elizabeth’s online e-course “10 Days To Everlasting Health” which is currently selling for $17, but you get it for FREE when you purchase this book.

Get your copy of The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution and start feeling great from the inside out today!


Smoothies help keep you healthy!

2 thoughts on “The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution: Nature’s Fast Lane To Peak Health

  1. Anonymous says:

    A place to start. Diet Solution is the key words in the title of this book. This book is good for anyone who wants/needs a change to better their health, so this is a good start. Having followed the Raw Movement for several years, I would follow the food combining rules that are not strong in this book. Melon was used in a smoothie, which if you follow the combining rules, you eat before anything else, eat melons alone, and wait at least 10 minutes. Also, a large amount of gogi berries was recommend for a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love Green Smoothies