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How To Tackle A List

by Jim on 10/23/2015

What is there to do on your lists? That is, if you are one to make and follow lists. You might make grocery lists, a list of things to do this weekend, of course there is the honey do list, as well as others. What about your bigger picture list? Your list in life? This is the list not too many folks will put to pen to paper and write down. You could also use an app on your smartphone for lists like this. Anyway, do you have on your list to eat right today? What about exercise? Maybe you need to more fine-tune this list so that it better suits you and is more specific. If the item on your list is too “big-picture” or it seems unattainable to you, you may not get around to doing it. So your next step is to break it down into attainable things. Think of them as goals, things to do, practical applications. For example, you want to eat healthy. Ask yourself, what does that entail? You will need to buy healthy, nutrient- rich foods and eat them in appropriate portions. Try for pistachios which is a world-wide-known health food. This is a good way to make your lists into to-done-lists.

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