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Super Smoothies: 61 Recipes and 12 Detox Plans

by on 04/07/2018

A fresh collection of more than 60 illustrated recipes for delicious, healthful blended beverages with targeted detox plans and step-by-step instructions for creating custom smoothies.

This easy-to-follow and informative guide pares smoothie-making back to its essence. The recipes are presented in highly visual spreads, with each ingredient photographed for at-a-glance instruction. Suggested 3- and 5-day detox plans target specific concerns, such as weight loss, metabolism, digestion, and clear skin, and the smoothies are optimized to enhance and rejuvenate well-being, with health benefits noted for each recipe. Using fresh fruits and vegetables, Super Smoothies provides the perfect introduction for novice smoothie makers, as well as new inspiration for experienced blenders.

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  • Ten Speed Press

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