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Starter Matcha Green Tea Powder 12oz (340g) USDA Organic Matcha – 100% Pure & Natural Energy Boost – Vegan & GMO-Free – Culinary Matcha Tea (Shakes, Smoothies, Lattes, Baking)

by on 06/10/2019


Perfect for Beginners

This Organic Starter Matcha is perfect for beginners to the fine art of making Matcha, also for those who love to cook with Matcha and make Lattes. The aroma is creamy, blending notes of fresh hay and grass. 

100% All-Natural

Starter Matcha is all-natural and created from pure organic Matcha from premium quality tea plants. It is 100% organic with no added artificial ingredients. It uses all-natural flavors to ensure that its natural essence is sustained. This Matcha has passed the acceptable international standards of tea processing and certified pure and naturally organic. Unlike other Matcha products that infuse artificial flavorings, this Matcha uses no additives or preservatives. This is created to offer 100% all-natural Matcha to satisfy its clients’ need for natural organic Matcha.

Fresh and Nutritious

Upon opening the pack of Starter Matcha, one is greeted with a mild aroma scent that does not create any intense boldness. The mild scent is sometimes associated with fresh leaves in the morning. The taste is very refreshing and delicious. Starter Matcha can be made into lattes and frappes and also is a good ingredient for cakes and pastries. 

Product Features

  • ON-THE-GO ENERGY: Whether you need a midday pick-me-up or you just want to start your morning off right, our superfood matcha tea powder is fast-acting and provides 4-6 hours of sustained energy! It even maintains good moods and focus for long-lasting support.
  • ANTIOXIDANT BOOST: Organic matcha powder contains 137x the antioxidants of regular green tea, making it an effective way to bolster the immune system! By fighting free radical damage, it can also help improve the overall quality and health of your skin.
  • SUPPORT METABOLISM: Boasting the ability to increase fat oxidation by 17%, green tea matcha can naturally support weight loss! With a nutty, earthy taste, it’s a must-have when you want to give your smoothies, cakes, pastries or beverages a little extra kick.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Gluten-free and USDA organic, our green tea supplement is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice quality! The best part? It’s totally free of the preservatives, sweeteners and other additives found in the competing products.
  • SHOP RISK FREE: Ready to discover the endless matcha health benefits firsthand? We know you’ll love our supplement just as much as we do, but in case you don’t, orders are backed with our money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so try it today!

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2 thoughts on “Starter Matcha Green Tea Powder 12oz (340g) USDA Organic Matcha – 100% Pure & Natural Energy Boost – Vegan & GMO-Free – Culinary Matcha Tea (Shakes, Smoothies, Lattes, Baking)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful matcha This is great priced matcha tea. I’ve tried it both by itself and in smoothies and a latte. This is a matcha from China and is Sencha tea. I also tried a matcha from Japan that is 50% ceremonial/50%culinary Tencha matcha for 4x price. I actually prefer this matcha for mixing. The color of the expensive one is much brighter green and more subtle flavor which is why it is drunk by itself, no milk, no sweetener. If you are going to use matcha in lattes and smoothies, you are better off buying a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Five Stars