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The Vitamix Cookbook: 250 Delicious Whole Food Recipes to Make in Your Blender

by on 08/15/2018

Discover simple ways to incorporate more whole foods into your daily diet using a blender with this gorgeous cookbook featuring 200 delicious recipes and more than fifty full-color photos—the first widely available cookbook from the Vitamix brand.

Recently known primarily to professional chefs, over the past decade the Vitamix blender has become one of the most sought after kitchen appliances in home kitchens. Now, Vitamix has created a gorgeous companion cookbook to help you enjoy the benefits of a whole foods diet. Here are more than 200 simple, scrumptious, easy-to-prepare recipes that use a blender—most taking less than thirty minutes.

The chefs at Vitamix believe that the only way to make lasting, healthy changes to your diet is to enjoy the food you eat. With The Vitamix Cookbook they’ve created mouthwatering food you’ll want everyday:

  • breakfast and brunch, including smoothies, breakfast mains (muffins, breads and scones), pancakes, waffles, egg dishes
  • soups and sides (amazingly, the Vitamix heats the soup while blending it, making it table ready in less than ten minutes!)
  • entrees, including wraps and sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, poultry, meat and seafood
  • sauces and dressings
  • drinks, including nut milks, juices, and even cocktails
  • desserts, including sorbets, ice creams, milkshakes and baked desserts

Throughout The Vitamix Cookbook, you’ll find helpful sidebars with inspiring stories of people who have improved their health using their Vitamix, as well as tips for a nutritious whole foods diet.

Product Features

  • William Morrow Company

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6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise!

by on 08/13/2018

All across America, people are struggling with stubborn belly fat. But you don’t have to be one of them! Are you ready to make a commitment to getting a slimmer, sexier waistline? Are you ready to get rid of dangerous belly fat so you can live longer? Are you ready to have a body you’re proud to show off on the beach?

This book teaches six proven strategies to melt away belly fat and naturally reveal your sexy, slim waistline. It’s possible to lose up to five inches of belly fat in just one month, even if you don’t do ab crunches or sit-ups!

If you read this book, you will…

* Learn the 7 “fat belly” foods and how to quickly cut them out of your diet
* Find out how to correct a hormonal imbalance that causes a bloated belly
* Learn how to break two bad habits that often lead to belly fat
* Learn how to lose the gut by cleaning the gut through detox
* Discover 5 safe supplements that will help you burn belly fat fast!

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Smoothie Recipe Book for Beginners: Essential Smoothies to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Feel Great

by on 08/11/2018

Dramatically change the way you look and feel with The Smoothie Recipe Book for Beginners

When you have a busy life and packed schedule, it can be a challenge to get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. The Smoothie Recipe Book for Beginners gives you everything you need to turn nutrient-rich foods into fast and filling meals. With more than 70 easy smoothie recipes, The Smoothie Recipe Book for Beginners will help you lose weight, increase your energy, fight disease, and achieve the healthy glow that comes from a clean and well-balanced diet.
The Smoothie Recipe Book for Beginners will help you make healthy smoothies a part of your daily routine, with:
  • More than 70 Smoothie Recipe Book recipes packed with vitamins and antioxidants
  • Smoothie recipes for weight loss, energy, detoxing, and optimal health
  • 3- and 7-day Smoothie Recipe Book meal plans to kickstart a full-body detox
  • A produce shopping guide from the editors of The Smoothie Recipe Book
  • Smoothie Recipe Book tips for reducing calories, adding superfoods into your diet, and modifying recipes to suit your taste buds

Whether you are looking to increase you daily dose of natural vitamins or lose weight, The Smoothie Recipe Book for Beginners is a simple path to a new and healthier you!

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Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules Supports Weight Loss & Keto Diet Fat Loss Body Detox & Cleanse, Supports Body’s pH Levels, Increased Energy, AIDS Digestion – 90 Capsules

by on 08/11/2018


Ayurveda Labs – Apple Cider Vinegar Complex utilizes acetic acid found in ACV, along with Vitamin B-6, Spirulina, Iodine Kelp, Potassium, Sunflower Lecithin and Bromelain to promote overall wellness.

These extra strength Apple Cider Vinegar Comple capsules support weight loss and weight management, fatloss and also supports the body’s pH levels, stomach comfort, energy, and also may help with relieving acid reflux and heartburn problems for men and women.

Each serving contains 200 mg of Spirulina, an algae superfood with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost energy, immune function and weight loss alongside the Iodine (Kelp) in this premium complex.

The Apple  Cider Vinegar in this formula can be used as fat burner weight loss pills by helping to curb appetite, regulating cholesterol levels, reducing sugar cravings, and functioning as a metabolism booster.

As an antioxidant and astringent, Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to offer a wide range of benefits for troubled skin types.

Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine HCl) 25 mg
Iodine (Kelp) 400 mcg
Potassium (chloride) 25 mg

Apple Cider Vinegar (powder) 350 mg
Spirulina 100 mg
Lecithin (from soybeans) 100 mg
Kelp (thallus) 100 mg
Apple Pectin (fruit) 25 mg
Bromelain (2500 GDU) 25 mg

Product Features

  • COMPLETE SUPPORT FOR THE WHOLE BODY – These extra strength Apple Cider Vinegar pills support weight loss and a fatloss the body’s pH levels, stomach comfort, energy, and also may help with relieving acid reflux and heartburn problems for men and women.
  • 2 CAPSULES = 700MG OF HIGH POTENCY APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Our Apple Cider Vinegar utilizes acetic acid found in ACV, along with Vitamin B-6, Spirulina, Iodine Kelp, Potassium, Sunflower Lecithin and Bromelain to promote overall wellness.
  • POWERFUL SUPER FOOD – (SPIRULINA & KELP) Each capsule contains 200 mg of Spirulina, an algae superfood with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost energy, immune function and weight loss alongside the Iodine (Kelp) in this premium complex.
  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – The ACV in this formula can be used as fat burner weight loss pills by helping to curb appetite, regulating cholesterol levels, reducing sugar cravings, and functioning as a metabolism booster.
  • PROMOTES SKIN & HAIR CARE – As an antioxidant and astringent, Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to offer a wide range of benefits for troubled skin types.

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Smoothies: Smoothie Recipes: 100 Classy Smoothie Recipes: Smoothie Book: Weight Loss Smoothies-> Smoothies for Weight Loss: Green Smoothie Recipes: 10 … Cleanse,10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse)

by on 08/07/2018

Smoothies: 100 Classy Smoothie Recipes A pleasure for your taste buds Imagine for a moment you are on your way back home from work. You are driving, sitting on the train or simply walking back. You are starting to feel hungry. You want to give yourself a treat. A healthy one. Is that possible? You wonder. A few seconds go by after your craving thoughts. You fancy something good, something fast, but you also want it to make feel good. A healthy reward is what you are after. Then, out of nowhere, your mind starts to picture what you are really after… Smoothies: Smoothie Book: Weight Loss Smoothies: Smoothies for Weight Loss Then you realize: Of course! A healthy, tasty and mostly classy smoothie is the answer to all your thoughts and cravings. Easy to make, even easier to serve, and a pure pleasure to have. So what are you waiting for? The ingredients are easy to get. The blender? You do not need anything fancy, just a traditional blender or a mixing machine, don’t you think you need one of those new expensive Ninja Blenders. Smoothies: 100 Classy Smoothie Recipes: The Easiest to Follow Smoothies Book: Green Smoothies, Fruity Smoothies, All kinds! But you do not want to think, you do not have time to think. An the difference between making a regular, lacking of spirit smoothie, and a Classy Smoothie is to have before you the right recipes to create the most gloriously delightful mixes you could ever think of. This is why, here, in this book, you will find the top 100 tastiest, classiest and easiest to make smoothies in the plant. Make your friends and family jealous with your delicious Smoothie Recipes: Classy! Give yourself a treat. Or even better: give your friends and your loved ones a treat. With the recipes you will find in Classy Smoothies you will have success guaranteed in any party, gathering, reception or social event you may ever have to hold. The answer is: Classy smoothies And now, without any further delay, behold: The top 100 Classy Smoothies. Enjoy! Smoothie, Smoothies, Smoothie Recipes, Smoothies for Weight Loss, Green Smoothie, Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Smoothie Cleanse, Weight Loss Smoothies, Smoothies for Weight Loss, Green Smoothie Recipes, 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, Smoothie Cleanse, Green Smoothies

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Advanced Green Smoothies: Better Health through Unusual Ingredients

by on 08/05/2018

A collection of 50 green smoothies using unique superfoods from around the world, for those trying to achieve improved health, increased energy and a stronger immune system. In his “Dr. V Approved Wellness” series, support surgeon Dr. Duc Vuong is augmenting his teachings of a healthy life by providing this recipe book for 50 simple but delicious smoothies. Dr. V teaches that one of the essentials for a healthy life is a consistent morning ritual of green smoothies packed full of nutrients and vitamins. The easy-to-prepare recipes for these sensational smoothies will definitely help you to jumpstart your new life!

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Detox Body Wrap Weight Loss (6 Applications) – Brazilian Silky n’ Slim Volcanic Clay Organic Body Wrap Home Spa Treatment. Reduce Cellulite, Psoriases & Stretch Marks will Heal You from Inside

by on 08/04/2018

It’s hard to stay motivated to lose weight when you fail to lose belly fat fast. With dieting and exercise alone, it’s hard to target stored fat along the midsection and in places prone to cellulite, but it is possible for you to get rid of belly fat and promote smoother, firmer skin quickly.


Our body wraps for stomach, arms and thighs use volcanic ash bentonite clay to draw impurities out of the skin tissue for fast inch loss results. The natural body wraps also act as a skin-firming cellulite treatment to diminish dimpled, orange peel skin texture and reduce the prominence of stretch marks.


Our clay body wrap is produced from the absolute finest ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. You won’t have to worry about exposing your skin to harsh chemicals when you choose our body wrap kit, and we give you a total of eight body wraps per package, so you can treat your entire body or enjoy multiple body wrap weight loss treatments on the stomach, arms or thighs.


We back up our home spa treatments with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you’ve tried other spa clay body wrap products before and been disappointed, you can and will see a difference with our body wraps for weight loss! Our clay body wrap is clinically proven and fully guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose but excess fat and cellulite.

Get on the path to the slimmer body you’ve been longing for with the help of the best body wraps weight loss formula on Amazon!

Order the Bentonite Clay Slimming Body Wrap Kit TODAY!

Product Features

  • GET RID OF BELLY FAT FAST THE NATURAL WAY – Our spa clay body wrap uses volcanic ash bentonite clay to eliminate toxins and impurities, reducing water retention and acting as a natural cellulite treatment. No harsh chemicals to irritate the skin!
  • PROMOTE FIRMER, SMOOTHER SKIN – Detox Clay body wrap boosts skin firmness to tighten loose skin, diminish cellulite and make stretch marks less apparent; Also acts as a slimming body wrap to battle bloating
  • COMPLETE BODY WRAP TREATMENT KIT – Pack includes eight body wraps for stomach, arms and thighs! You’ll notice results the first time that you use our natural body wraps, as our breakthrough formula allows you to lose belly fat fast!
  • SUPPORT YOUR LIFESTYLE – Our body wraps for weight loss help you to lose inches faster! The body wraps weight loss results can help you see results from dieting and exercise at a more satisfying pace to help you stay on track
  • RESULTS GUARANTEED Our weight loss body wraps are the finest quality home spa treatments on Amazon, so we’re able to back them up with a 100% 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

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Super Green Smoothies: Healthy Recipes for Healing and Happiness

by on 08/03/2018

When Sally Obermeder wanted to regain her health after cancer, she turned to green smoothies—and now she is sharing her nutritious, delicious recipes to help others get in shape, feel better, and stay healthy

After battling and surviving a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, Sally Obermeder decided she wanted to take back control of her life. She decided to make a simple change, and so began her green smoothie transition. She lost over 22 lbs, got her skin glowing, ramped up her energy levels, and ultimately realized this small change to her lifestyle resulted in her feeling the best she’d ever felt. The green smoothie revolution has taken the world by storm, and Sally has spent the last year testing and creating hundreds of crazy delicious green smoothie recipes that taste nothing like soggy spinach and everything like an exploding taste sensation. The recipes are easy to follow and easy to make. From savory to sweet, green to red, vegetable to fruit, breakfast to dessert, there’s a smoothie to suit every taste and every age, and even kids. Sally’s smoothies are packed full of goodness for maximum benefits—think leafy greens, fresh veggies and fruits, as well as added vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and superfoods that help to leave you feeling full for hours and stop those cravings for sugar as well as unhealthy, fatty foods and snacks. The recipes in Super Green Smoothies will help you to kick-start your health transition, just like Sally did, and will help you to look and feel great—inside and out, all year round. Recipes include dual measurements.

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Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Green (51126)

by on 07/30/2018

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender – 51126

Rushing through breakfast or skimping on your health with vending machine drinks is no way to start out the day or live a healthy lifestyle. Instead, invest in a personal-size blender that makes it easy to have a nutritious beverage on the go. That’s right, the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender delivers all the delicious-tasting flavors of restaurant smoothies and frozen drinks at a fraction of the price. What’s more, this little blender lets you personalize your recipes, perfect your mixology skills and control your portions, all in one. With its durable stainless steel blades and pulse blending action, it’s fully equipped to prepare a variety of great-tasting smoothies, shakes and more. Don’t let its space-saving design fool you. The versatile blending container functions as a mixing jar one minute and doubles as a portable travel mug with attachable drinking lid the next. For a lightweight, easy-to-use, inexpensive personal blender, the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender is well worth the investment. Just imagine all the recipe possibilities, extra storage room and money you’re saving.

  • Compact design ideal for small living spaces and on-the-go portability
  • Great for making smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades and salad dressings
  • Efficient 175-watt motor provides all the power you need for fast, reliable performance
  • 14-oz. blending jar also functions as portable travel cup that fits most car drink holders
  • BPA free in food zones: blender jar contains no BPA (bisphenol A)
  • Drinking lid with spout allows for easy sipping
  • Durable, stainless steel cutting blades easily blend smoothies and shakes using either frozen or fresh fruit in the mixture
  • Sturdy base rests on any surface
  • Simple one-touch operation with ON/PULSE button
  • Jar and lid are dishwasher safe
  • Convenient wrap-around cord tucks away for easy storage


Tired of lugging around extra cups while you’re on the go? You’re in luck. The Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender provides ultimate drink versatility and portability. It serves as a stationary blending jar during blending mode, and a detachable travel mug with lid that lets you drink straight from the jar and fits in most car cup holders. Extremely compact, it’s perfect for traveling with you to work, games or sporting events and it’s ideal for small living spaces.

With the zillions of smoothie and drink options available today, selecting the ideal blend of nutrition, ingredients and flavor for the perfect-size drink can be a jumbo-size task. Now, you can stop looking and say good riddance to paying too much for smoothies. The Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender delivers the satisfaction of a healthy treat in delicious drink form at no-frills prices. It comes with measuring lines on the front of the jar, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to mix up your ingredients, guess less and blend more. Try out some healthy recipes from www.


Before blending, always remember to put liquids and/or soft items in FIRST; then add frozen items and ice after. Do not chop or process foods such as cheese, crackers or meat, or hot food or liquids, as this will stick to blades or sides of jar. If blending action stops during blending or ingredients stick to the sides of the jar, turn blender OFF. Remove lid and use rubber spatula to push mixture toward blades if needed. Also, remember to wipe blender base, control panel and cord with a damp cloth or sponge.

Skip the worries and hassle of messy blender cleanup and opt for a low-maintenance, personal blending machine. Designed with complete simplicity at top of mind, its jar and lid are dishwasher safe, making cleanup quick, easy and super-efficient.

Product Features

  • Compact design ideal for small living spaces and on-the-go portability
  • Great for making smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades and salad dressings
  • Simple one touch operation for fast, easy blending
  • 14-oz. blending jar also functions as portable travel cup that fits most car drink holders
  • BPA free in food zones: blender jar contains no BPA (bisphenol A)

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Smart Pressed 1-Day Organic Juice Cleanse Detox Weight-Loss Vegan Non-GMO Kosher Superfood Cold-Pressed Greens Juice Powder TSA-approved 3-Day 5-Day 7-Day Organic Juice Cleanse

by on 07/29/2018

Overdo it last night? The one day juice cleanse is the perfect fix to get you back to being awesome. The most complete and balanced organic juice cleanse on the market specifically designed to support your body’s natural cleanse functions. Convenient and affordable, these organic juice cleanse powders are travel-friendly and portable for your busy lifestyle. Featuring over 50 certified organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods with only 1 g of naturally-occurring sugar per serving. Each Juice Cleanse Box contains a juice schedule program guide with 2 Vegan Vanilla Proteinis, 2 Organic Pressed Greens, 1 Pineapple Chia Cleanse and access to a clean meal plan. Activate your cleanse with the widest variety of toxin-flushing, alkalizing superfoods to energize and restore you during all three phases of cleanse.

Product Features

  • The award-winning juice cleanse you can take with you anywhere – just add water to our delicious organic pressed juice and superfood powders
  • The only USDA-Certified Organic Juice Cleanse to support all Three Phases of Cleanse- Activate, Neutralize and Eliminate
  • Full Day of 5 organic pressed juice and superfood powders featuring our award-winning Organic Pressed Greens, Vegan Vanilla Proteini, and Pineapple Chia Cleanse
  • Proven, effective program with designated juices and meal plan carefully selected to refresh and support the body’s natural rhythm and cleanse cycle
  • USDA certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, Kosher, soy-free, gluten-free, no artificial ingredients

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Anti-inflammatory green smoothies and juices: Quick reference, guide and recipes

by on 07/28/2018

Do you have health problems related to inflammation? Do you want to know the best anti-inflammatory diet? Green smoothies and juices are the best for fighting inflammation along with a number of other diet and food tips all presented in this book!

I am Lily Penrose – a health and beauty writer who has been interested in holistic, alternative and natural healing approaches for a long time. I am a self-taught but certified natural health specialist. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge through my books and helping other people deal with the problems I have struggled with. I will tell you and teach you about:

  • The nature of inflammation (pages 6 – 13)
  • The Negative Impact of Inflammation (pages 13 – 16)
  • How to Control Inflammation with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, with Green Smoothies and Juices (pages 16 – 22)
  • Recommended Ingredients for Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothies and Juices (pages 22 – 30)
  • Various Anti-Inflammatory Recipes (pages 30 – 32)
  • Foods to Avoid (pages 32 – 34)

All these recipes are guaranteed to be delicious, healthy and promote your hair growth and health!

Follow the the tips and diet in this book and you will fight inflammation effortlessly!

Are you ready to learn about the anti-inflammatory diet featuring green smoothies and juices and greatly improve your health? Scroll up and hit that buy button!

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Superfood Shot, Organic Blend of Fruits, Vegetables and Greens, Smoothie, Green Drink to Take on the Go, Juice Cleanse, 2oz. Serving, Vegan, Gluten-Free (2 pack)

by on 07/25/2018

Feel great with our green food shot when you get half of your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in a delicious, easy to take along, 2 ounce bottle. Balance the Superfood Shot is packed with a proprietary blend of nutrients from organic pineapple, lemon, carrot, beet, cranberry, blueberry acerola cherry, spinach, kale, acai, turmeric and more. This little shot of liquid goodness goes anywhere with you – simply chill, shake well and enjoy! See bullets and images for more details. This organic superfood shot is a product of Life Equals. Balance the Superfood Shot is free of eight major allergenic foods including: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybean. You can use Balance the Superfood Shot at breakfast in your organic green smoothie or kale shake, mid-day in place of energy shots as a after lunch pick-me-up, or anytime straight out of the container.

Product Features

  • EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES – Each of our wellness shots contain half a days serving of organic fruits and vegetables. This 2 oz. green superfood blend is nutrient dense and shelf stable, so enjoy on the go!
  • FREE OF 8 MAJOR ALLERGENS – Balance is a healthy shot packed with powerful antioxidants and has NO Soy, NO Dairy and NO Added Sugar. It’s Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Vegan, USDA Organic and has 15 Organic superfood Ingredients!
  • POWER PACKED INGREDIENTS – Get more nutrition than your average juice shot. Our organic superfood blend contains organic pineapple, lemon, carrot, cranberry, blueberry, acai, spinach, kale, goji berry, turmeric and more!
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AND ANTIOXIDANTS – Balance the Superfood Shot goes beyond a basic turmeric shot by including a host of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • NO MORE PILLS OR SHAKES – Our green food shot is a yummy and effective way achieve the recommended daily supply of fruits and veggies. No more excessive juices and smoothies, messy powders, shakes, or pill and supplements replacements that don’t digest easily.

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Japanese Sweet Matcha Green Tea Powder (16oz/453g) Latte Grade; Delicious Energy Drink – Shake, Latte, Frappe, Smoothie. Made with USDA Organic Matcha.

by on 07/23/2018

Not everyone wants a Matcha that is robust or bitter, some want one that is green and sweet! This lightly sweetened USDA Organic Matcha makes a fantastic latte when blended with milk (or milk substitute) with a strong bamboo leaf and grass green taste, with an aftertaste of sweet sesame candy, it is refreshing and never bitter. Great hot or chilled, it is a smooth Matcha that is less vegetal than some Matcha, this one is great for those who want their Matcha green without tasting like a serving of vegetables! Top it off with whip cream for an extra level of decadence.

Our Sweet Matcha Green Tea Powder Latte Frappe Mix is not just a delicious and refreshing drink but more importantly it is packed with splendid health benefits that you can enjoy. Here are some of what your glass of frappe can offer:
  • It increases the rate at which our body burns calories by 30 to 50%, and thus helps in losing weight.
  • This frappe also increases fat oxidation by 17%. Fats are naturally burned and transformed into an energy source of the body. This results to less fats in the body at the same time more energy.
  • The catechins, antioxidants in your drink also help in cleansing the body.
  • The EGCG, special antioxidants found in your Matcha drink, has anti-aging properties giving you a healthy glowing skin.
  • Made of natural and pure ingredients. There are no artificial flavorings added to it. Its preparation passed through detailed and precise blending of pure Matcha and natural sweeteners to produce a full flavored Matcha that is invigorating and healthy.

    Product Features

    • SWEET MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER LATTE FRAPPE MIX is an energy booster and sustains energy for 4 to 5 hours with a distinct sharpness in mind and alert body. The natural increase in energy is not accompanied with a jittery feeling and thus, free from any adverse side effects.
    • PROVEN to have 137 times more antioxidants than green tea. The richness in antioxidants strengthens the whole body keeping it healthy.
    • RATED TO HAVE THE HIGHEST antioxidant Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) ratings among antioxidant-rich food like chocolate, spinach and different kinds of berries. Catechins, the antioxidants work with chlorophyll to increase metabolism by 30 – 45% for ideal weight management.
    • RECOMMENDED for a delicious and refreshing frappe as it contains all natural flavors in a well-balanced blend sweetness and bitterness taste bringing out a wholesome and superior Matcha drink.
    • GUARANTEED to be of premium quality as it is made of 100% organic high grade tea leaves from expert tea producers.

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  • Calcium Bentonite Clay Detox Drink – All Natural Detox Cleanse for Weight Loss, Liver & Colon – FDA Approved GRAS Safe for Daily Internal use, Food Grade Indian Healing Clay 16oz

    by on 07/23/2018


    Optimum Health and Wellness – A Daily Detox!
    Do you feel sluggish, bloated, or exhausted? Tired of being tired? Not losing weight fast enough? Struggling with constipation? This calcium bentonite clay liquid is the secret! It relieves constipation, reduces bloating and gas, and helps flush bowel toxins. Customers have reported amazing results after using our liquid detox daily for two weeks, reporting flatter stomachs, improved concentration and focus, and a boost in healthy weight loss.

    Perfect for:
    Colon cleanse, weight loss cleanse, liver detox

    Easy and Safe Detox For Increased Energy Levels
    – Helps you function at Peak Levels: Resets your system as the clay’s negatively charged ions capture positively charged toxins, flushing them from your body.
    – Improves how you Look & Feel: Powerfully attracts & absorbs toxins, impurities, chemicals, and heavy metals.
    – Stimulates and Energizes your body: Increases blood flow, oxygen, and circulation.

    What makes our liquid detox different from others? It’s our Calcium Bentonite Clay – the finest quality out there. We mix with filtered spring water for a smooth, tasteless blend, has a pH of 9.7, and has a powerful 37-1 toxin removal ratio! It truly is unparalleled. No other clay can say the same!

    – Removes 10X more toxins than other clays
    – Detoxes, Alkalizes, Energizes, Cleanses, & Balances your Body
    – Beautifies, Rejuvenates and Heals your Skin

    Imagine yourself looking and feeling sexier and stronger. Be a better, healthier, detoxed you!

    100% Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay, Vegan, All Natural

    Premium Quality, Purest Available. Approved by FDA as GRAS.

    Product Features

    • ✔️ REMOVES 10X MORE toxins than all other brands! Powerful and potent. Highest Premium Grade FDA-Approved GRAS 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay that is MADE IN THE USA
    • ✔️ DETOXIFIES: You’ll love this detox cleanse – it detoxifies and energizes your body. Calcium bentonite clay’s negative electrical charge bonds to positively charged toxins eliminating the harmful toxins from your system. More effective than other detox supplements!
    • ✔️ PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS: Optimizes digestion and improves nutrient absorption contributing to weight loss. Our liquid bentonite clay is FDA approved GRAS safe for daily internal use.
    • ✔️ CLEANSES: This colon cleanse removes old waste matter and mucoid plaque increasing overall health and regularity. Relieves constipation. Also a great liver detox because it has a powerful 37-1 toxin removal ratio!

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    Kenko Matcha Green Tea Powder – Culinary Grade for Lattes, Smoothies and Baking, USDA Organic – 100g (3.5 oz), 50 Servings

    by on 07/21/2018

    We’re matcha tea experts, and we live for introducing authentic green tea matcha to the world. Grown in the Nishio region of Japan, Kenko matcha is hand picked, shade grown, de-stemmed, de-veined, and carefully sorted according to its quality by tea experts. The difference is in the taste: it has hints of sweetness and a light astringency.

    Japanese matcha green tea is a healthy alternative to coffee, and culinary grade green tea powder is perfect for making lattes, smoothies, and other green tea drinks. Matcha green tea contains L-theanine, natural caffeine, amino acids, and antioxidants, as well as vitamins A,K, and E. It’s the perfect coffee alternative you’ve been looking for-delicious, sugar free, healthy, and no afternoon crash!

    Product Features

    • IDEAL FOR RECIPIES – Tired of paying too much for green tea matcha lattes? Our culinary grade green tea powder is the answer! It’s perfect for green tea smoothies, delicious green tea lattes, or using in baked goods.
    • GUARANTEED FRESH – Our premium matcha tea is ordered in small batches and ground fresh within the past month. This means it is fresher than what’s sold in stores, and freshness means brilliant color, intoxicating aroma, and fantastic taste. All orders are sealed in airtight bags to ensure freshness.
    • AUTHENTIC JAPANESE ORIGIN – We source real, natural matcha from the Nishio region of Japan. The special climate of Nishio produces the highest quality matcha tea. It is harvested during the first harvest in early May.
    • QUALITY ASSURED – Kenko Matcha Green Tea powder is shade grown, hand picked, and sorted according to quality by tea experts. We have sourced the finest-quality matcha available, and we are passionate about bringing this delicious coffee alternative to the world.
    • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC – Our Japanese matcha tea is grown, harvested, and processed without the use of harmful pesticides or inorganic fertilizers and is non GMO and gluten free. It is hand picked and stone ground on granite mills. We also safety test for heavy metals and perform radiation testing every month.

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    Zero Belly Smoothies: Lose up to 16 Pounds in 14 Days and Sip Your Way to A Lean & Healthy You!

    by on 07/19/2018

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Lose up to 16 Pounds in 14 Days with Zero Belly Smoothies!
    Watch the pounds disappear—with the press of a button! That’s all it takes to blend up a Zero Belly Smoothie, a unique mix of supernutrients that will flatten your gut, boost your metabolism, heal your digestive system, and turn off your fat genes for good.
    With fat-burning proteins and a specially selected array of high-powered fruits and vegetables, Zero Belly Smoothies—based on the New York Times bestseller Zero Belly Diet—are the fastest and most delicious ways ever created to sip off the pounds!
    Inside you’ll find a complete shopping guide, a bonus cleanse program, and more than 100 intensely flavorful recipes, including tasty green drinks, fresh and fruity smoothies, nutty, chocolatey shakes, and savory surprises.
    Zero Belly Smoothies will help you
    • Lose up to 16 pounds in 14 days.
    • Melt away stubborn fat, from your belly first.
    • Put an end to bloating and discomfort.
    • Detox from unhealthy foods so you enjoy all-day energy.
    • Turn off your fat storage genes and make long-term weight loss effortless.
    • Look and feel younger and healthier than ever!
    You’ll be stunned and inspired by the results of an amazing 500-person test panel—men and women who lost weight quickly, and with ease, following the original Zero Belly diet, which included many of these Zero Belly Smoothies. In just the first 14 days
    Bob McMicken, 51, lost 16.3 pounds.
    Kyle Cambridge, 28, lost 15 pounds.
    Martha Chesler, 54, lost 11 pounds.
    Matt Brunner, 43, lost 14 pounds.
    Focusing your weight-loss efforts on drinks will help you quickly strip away flab in a number of ways. Here’s what makes Zero Belly Smoothies so effective:
    1. They take the stress out of cooking and eating well.
    Studies have shown that the more diverse your diet, the more likely you are to experience weight gain. In fact, those who ate the widest range of foods showed a 120 percent greater increase in waist circumference compared with those who had the least diversity. In other words, people who have the best success at weight loss pick a set number of foods and tend to stick to them. Zero Belly Smoothies allow you to do exactly that.
    2. They crowd out the junk in your diet.
    Zero Belly Smoothies come in all different flavors—chocolatey, fruity, green, and even savory—but they all have one thing in common: no added sugars. In a 2015 study in Sweden, researchers followed 42,400 men over the course of 12 years. They found that men who consumed at least two servings per day of sweetened beverages had a 23 percent higher risk of heart failure compared with those who did not.
    3. They battle food allergies and reduce inflammation.
    What’s also unique about Zero Belly Smoothies is that they are vegan: no milk, no yogurt, no whey protein. Plant-based protein powders are a low-sugar, high-fiber alternative to popular dairy-based supplements. A study by the University of Tampa that compared plant protein with whey found it to be equally as effective at changing body composition and boosting muscle recovery and growth!
    4. They make you feel fuller longer!
    Studies show that high-protein smoothies are highly effective at rushing nutrients to your muscles and that blended fruit drinks, which include all the fiber, will actually keep you fuller longer than fruit juices.

    Product Features

    • Lose up to 16 pounds in 14 days.
    • Melt away stubborn fat, from your belly first.
    • Put an end to bloating and discomfort.
    • Detox from unhealthy foods so you enjoy all-day energy.
    • Turn off your fat storage genes and make long-term weight loss effortless.

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    Green Smoothies for Weight Loss: Inexpensive, Simple Green Smoothies Recipes for Weight Loss That Gain Energy, Lose Weight and Make You a Healthier Person

    by on 07/17/2018

    Discover How to Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Become a Healthier Person with Simple Green Smoothies!

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    You want health, energy, and perhaps you’d even like to lose a few pounds, but you really don’t want to labor over complicated recipes for hours on end. I get it. I completely understand your desire to get out there and live, instead of hovering around the kitchen making food.

    But you can’t compromise your health. So I’ve got the perfect solution. The Green Smoothies for Weight Loss with Simple and Easy to Find Ingredients book has been designed to include everything you are looking for and more.This gem of a book will help you drop that excess weight and also cleanse your body by eliminating harmful toxins. Before you know it, you’ll be refreshed and feeling like your natural vibrant, energetic self again. All thanks to your amazing new green smoothies diet!

    Here is What You`ll Get After Reading This Book!

    • By incorporating green smoothies for weight loss into your diet you will start to drop that weight quickly and easily.
    • You will begin to feel more energy and an overall lightness within just days of using these delicious simple green smoothies.
    • Adding these green smoothie recipes to your diet means you will have a lot more time to do other things in life. You can be healthy and live!
    • It’s easy to get on this plan with easy to find ingredients that won’t break the bank.
    • You’ll get 30 delicious green smoothie recipes that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even sinful dessert.
    • The recipes are calibrated to ensure you get essential proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to smash the weight. .

    If you’re new to green smoothies diet, you’re going to be amazed at the results you’ll see within a week of going green. This book will truly transform your life. Are you ready?

    It’s time to glow again!

    Pick up your copy today and watch the results take over your own life. You’ll be just as amazed!

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    Premium Apple Cider Vinegar Pills – Natural Appetite Suppressant, Weight Loss Management, Liver Detox Cleanse, Digestion & Circulation Support – Powerful 1250mg Capsules

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    Our Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Formula Supports :

    ✔Increased Metabolism & Weight Loss
    ✔Healthy Digestion & Overall Immune System
    ✔Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Sugar
    ✔Natural Detoxification
    ✔Prevention Against Bacteria
    ✔Anti Aging and Many More.

    Used For Centuries, Supported By Science
    Apple Cider Vinegar, known to be an ancient folk remedy & claimed to help with all sorts of health problems. Advanced Formulation of 2Healthy Apple Cider Vinegar Pills Boasts :

    Clean, All Natural
    Raw Organic Non-Gmo
    Vegetarian & Easy to Swallow
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    • SUPERIOR APPLE CIDER VINEGAR CAPSULES – Our Premium Apple Cider Vinegar boasts a powerful 625mg of ALL NATURAL Apple Cider Vinegar. In addition to weight loss, apple cider vinegar has been traditionally used to help promote digestive and immune health, as well as, a natural home remedy for the relief from occasional indigestion, heartburn, dry skin, and much more!
    • SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS, LIVER DETOX, AND CLEANSE PROGRAMS – Apple Cider Vinegar is a great way to gently cleanse the body and to help ward off unhealthy bacteria you may encounter. Known to support weight management lifestyles, apple cider vinegar also promotes healthy digestion and helps to keep the intestines clean so you can lead an optimal and exuberant life. We don’t put any artificial ingredients in our premium formulation – never settle when it comes to your health.
    • TASTELESS – An easy, once-a-day tablet without the harsh taste of liquid apple cider vinegars. Cleansing your body has never been easier. Perfect for those who, like so many, cannot stand the taste of apple cider vinegar but want to reap the benefits.
    • MOST RELIABLE! Our team has formulated the perfect blend to ensure you are getting the most Apple Cider has to offer. Our formula contains NO preservatives, chemicals, artificial ingredients, or sugars so you can trust that you are using an all-natural supplement! It also undergoes a stringent process of third party testing and documentation to ensure each bottle has exactly what it says it has!
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    Amazing Grass Green Superfood Antioxidant Organic Powder with Wheat Grass, Elderberry, and Greens, Flavor: Sweet Berry, 30 Servings

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    This powerful blend thoughtfully combines our alkalizing farm fresh greens and wholesome fruits and veggies plus an anitoxidant blend packed with 15,000 ORAC units per serving to help you feel amazing every day. At Amazing Grass our roots run deep…Back to our family farm in Kansas, where for over 3 generations Amazing Grass has organically grown & harvested the most nutrient-dense greens on earth. Today, we thoughtfully craft our greens with the highest quality, plant-based ingredients curated from like-minded farmers from around the world. Amazing Grass products are a delicious way to nourish your body with the whole food nutrition it needs to feel amazing every day.

    Product Features

    • This powerful blend thoughtfully combines our alkalizing farm fresh greens and wholesome fruits and veggies plus an anitoxidant blend packed with 15,000 ORAC units per serving to help you feel amazing every day. Aids natural digestive function.
    • Crafted with 7 alkalizing farm fresh greens. Our nutrient-dense formula is filled with antioxidant-rich super foods like Camu , Elderberry, Mangosteen and more targeting ALL five major types of free radicals.
    • Antioxidants with high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) helps convert free radicals into harmless waste products that get eliminated from the body.
    • Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Plant Based, Non GMO, Kosher
    • Add one scoop with 8 oz. or more of water, juice, or smoothie.

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    Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Emerald Green (51133)

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    The next time you want a quick, nutritious breakfast, blend a smoothie in this Single Serve Blender. After blending, simply take the jar off the base and hit the road. It’s made for on-the-go sipping and fits most car holders.

    Product Features

    • Great for fruit smoothies, icy drinks, shakes & moregreat for fruit smoothies, icy drinks, shakes & more
    • Stainless steel blades
    • One-Touch blending
    • Compact storage: jar stores upside down and cord wraps around base
    • Bpa free in food zones

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    Green Smoothie Cleanse: 7 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse – Green Smoothie Recipes, Organic Smoothie Recipes and Detox Smoothie Recipes – Jumpstart Your … Recipes, Detox Smoothie Recipes) (Volume 1)

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    • Details on the Beginning Your 7 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Plan..!
    • Get the Full List of What you MUST Include and MUST avoid!
    • Learn the Secrets to Smoothie Success with these Green Smoothie Tips and Tricks!
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    • BONUS Detox Smoothies
    • And Much, much more!

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    Detox Your Body, Lose Weight, Relieve Bloating And Boost Your Energy Thanks To The Best Colon Cleansing Supplement!

    Our hectic lifestyles along with our unhealthy eating habits burden our bodies with toxins, pesticides, additives and toxic substances that make us feel run down.

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    100% Natural, Incomparably Drastic Ingredients Blend

    This top notch colon cleanse includes all natural ingredients that will provide you with maximum results without causing any unpleasant side effects.

    The psyllium husk powder, aloe vera gel, senna leaf extract, cascara sagrada bark extract and flaxseed powder blend will help you flush toxins and enjoy a feeling of wellbeing.

    Moreover, this weight loss colon cleanse is GMP certified and it is made following strict quality regulations.

    Enjoy Unmatched Health Benefits

    The Rejuve top rated colon cleansing supplement has been specially designed to help and support your body in a variety of different ways.

    Its pure, gentle synthesis will help you rid your intestinal tract of toxins and excess waste that weighs you down.

    As a result, you will be able to lose weight in an effortless way and relieve bloating and constipation that might be a great setback in your everyday life.

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    • COLON CLEANSER DETOX FOR WEIGHT LOSS: Detox tea and diuretics for weight loss and belly fat reduction
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    • PSYLLIUM HUSK CAPSULES: Constipation Relief. Safely remove toxins, rid yourself of belly fat, bloating relief
    • LOSE WEIGHT FAST: Detox cleanse for weight loss supplement for Men and Women
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    Jade Leaf – Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder – USDA Certified, Authentic Japanese Origin – Classic Culinary Grade (Smoothies, Lattes, Baking, Recipes) – Antioxidants, Energy [100g Value Size]

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    What grade of Matcha is this, and how do I use it?

    This is Culinary Grade Matcha, which is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to smoothies, lattes, baked goods, and other dishes.

    What’s the difference between Culinary and Ceremonial grades?

    Simple: Culinary grade is meant for mixing into recipes as an ingredient, while Ceremonial grade is meant to be prepared traditionally as a tea (just mixed with hot water and whisked). Culinary grade is more affordable for day to day use, making it easy to fit the health benefits of Matcha into your diet.

    Does it contain caffeine?

    Yes, each half-teaspoon (1g) serving contains roughly 34mg of caffeine, about 1/3 a cup of coffee. However, Matcha also contains L-Theanine, which has a calming and leveling affect, so it doesn’t make you feel jittery or wired like coffee does.

    What are other health benefits?

    – Boosts metabolism and helps burns calories
    – Calms and relaxes you from stress or anxiety
    – Rich in antioxidants (137x the amount in conventional green tea!)

    Are there other use cases for Culinary Matcha?

    Yes! Many of our customers make a healthy facial mask using our Culinary Grade, by mixing it with just a bit of water to form a paste.

    Where does this Matcha come from?

    Our Matcha is grown by Nagata Chaen, a single estate, organically focused family farm near the city of Uji in Kyoto, Japan.

    What if I don’t like it?

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just email us and we’ll refund your order in full, no questions asked.

    Product Features

    • 100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, All Natural, Nothing Added (naturally gluten free and vegan)
    • Authentic Japanese Origin – sourced directly from organic farms in Uji, Japan, allowing us to provide better quality at better pricing than our competitors
    • Create Amazing Matcha Recipes – Culinary Grade Matcha is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to smoothies, lattes, baked goods, and other dishes. Included with your order is a helpful Matcha Recipe Guide to get you started.
    • Healthy Superfood – matcha is rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, great source of natural energy and mental clarity
    • Love It or Your Money Back – if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of our Matcha for any reason, just email us and we’ll refund your order in full, no questions asked

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    Green Smoothie Bible: The Complete Smoothie Cleanse Guide: Are Green Smoothies Really Good For You?

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    Green Smoothie Bible: The Complete Smoothie Cleanse Guide

    Are Green Smoothies Really Good For You?

    “Green Smoothie Bible: The Complete Smoothie Cleanse Guide” is suited for those individuals that are seeking a healthier restart for their bodies and simply want to get rid of the built up toxins before making the transition to a healthier lifestyle.

    For many who have already made the transition a green smoothie is a burst of energy in the morning and simply a way to keep of those pesky pounds. The nutritional value of a green smoothie also outweighs some of the other dietary options. The book explains all of that and more. The benefit of incorporating green smoothies into the diet is outlined as well.

    Here is a Preview of What You Will Discover When You Download The Green Smoothie Bible

    • Adding Wheatgrass To Your Smoothie
    • Why Do Smoothies Turn Brown
    • Do Smoothies Give You Gas?
    • Are Smoothies Healthy For Diabetics?
    • Are Smoothies Safe During Pregnancy?
    • Smoothies- Are They A Good Choice For Losing Weight?
    • How To Make A Healthy Fruit Smoothie For Breakfast
    • Raw Food Smoothies
    • 3 Tasty Smoothie Recipes
    • The Best Blender For Making Smoothies

    All You Have to do is Go to the Top of the Page and Download your Copy Today

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