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Slendertoxtea – 14 Day Teatox (Weight loss tea, Diet tea, Slimming tea & Burn fat tea) Diet supplement, Detox & Green tea.

by on 04/01/2015

After years of FAD Dieting, trying numerous diet pills and lose weight quick schemes, I decided to look for a more natural approach to keeping my colon cleansed, losing those extra few lbs,stabalizing my metabolism and detoxing my body. I’m pleased to say here at slendertoxtea we have developed an organic purely natural tea to do this, that does not contain any pharmaceutical products whatsoever. Hence not getting that dehydration/headache/racing heartbeat/anxiety that can be side effects of those pharmaceutical nasties in certain slimming products, which means it end ups being an unsustainable weight loss/detox plan. Our organic blend of purely natural herbal tea will give you the much needed teatox your body needs. It works by breaking down the fatty deposits which stick to the intestine enabling your metabolism to work much more efficiently, within a short period of time you will find you have: – Cleansed colon – Increased Energy – Increased Metabolism – Less bloated stomach – Weight loss – New detoxed you

Product Features

  • 14 Day Daytox & 14 Day Sleeptox Detox (2 Products).
  • Detox tea created to assist Weight loss & Colon cleanse.
  • Get Increased metabolism & Increased energy.
  • Feel better and cleansed than ever before!

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3 thoughts on “Slendertoxtea – 14 Day Teatox (Weight loss tea, Diet tea, Slimming tea & Burn fat tea) Diet supplement, Detox & Green tea.

  1. Matthew says:

    Weight falls right off I love drinking tea in the morning. It has become a habit of mine to have it every morning instead of coffee since I don’t like the taste of coffee. I found this product and knew I had to try it because I was looking for some weight loss help. I used the 14 day teatox with the morning and evening coffee and after 2 weeks I lost 10 pounds. I couldn’t believe the results they were so great. The taste of the tea is very good you wouldn’t know it was for weight loss if you didn’t see the packaging,…

  2. JC says:

    o_O 0

  3. Rachel says:

    144 to 139 in three days, pooped a lot tho! WELL, it’s defiantly a colon cleanse! I don’t like tea, so I was a little sketched out at first, but it isn’t so bad, and I just chugged it, just to get it over with.. But here is what happened with me:DAY 1: (weight 144) drank the morning tea at 8am, pooped at 330pm, stomach hurt around 430. Drank the night tea at 715pm, stomach hurt at 730, pooped at 737pm. DAY 2: (weight 140) Stomach was killing at 630am, 7am diarrhea. Drank morning tea at 8am, stomach cramps starting at 1045, had…