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Simple Superfood Smoothies: A Smoothie Recipe Book to Supercharge Your Health

by on 09/22/2019

130 superfood smoothies―made super easy.

Blend health into every day with a smoothie recipe book featuring a whopping 130 recipes that feel like you’re drinking liquid goodness. The chapters are organized by each of the 15 included superfoods―like berries, avocados, yogurt, and cinnamon―and every smoothie is labeled according to the health benefits it offers, from weight loss to boosting energy and reducing inflammation.

Discover how many basic and affordable ingredients at your local grocery store are actually superfoods and learn the powerful differences each one can make in your smoothies―and in your health.

A smoothie recipe book that’s truly super:

  • Make smoothies fun again―Whether you’re a smoothie newbie or stuck in a smoothie rut, this smoothie recipe book will help you make yours a high-flavor success.
  • Blissful blending―The ingredients are affordable and easy to find, and the recipes are quick to make.
  • Troubleshooting tips―Get a list of common problems with smoothies (too thick, too sour, too grainy) and what you can do to fix them.

Raise the goodness factor with a smoothie recipe book that offers unprecedented options for supercharged smoothies.


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2 thoughts on “Simple Superfood Smoothies: A Smoothie Recipe Book to Supercharge Your Health

  1. Anonymous says:

    ~~ At last! An author who knows the importance of soaking nuts! ~~ Written by someone who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2006, this author knew something in her diet had to change. No matter whether your smoothie is a meal or a snack it should contain:Fiber * Protein * Fat * LiquidThe beginning of this book is full of information along with recommended superfruit bases.WARNING: If you are on a low carb diet some of these smoothies are NOT for you! For example, the Raspberry Orange Fiber Kick has 56 net carbs! Ouch! Yes, the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    So many smoothies This book has recipes for so many smoothies, well over a hundred. It includes fruit, vegetable, dairy, chocolate smoothies and more. There are a few photos of the finished products that make them look delicious. One doesn’t need a photo of each smoothie, as they are all pretty much the same in appearance except for color. Most of the recipes have just a handful of ingredients and they are things I have on hand or can easily pick up at the store.The book starts with information about…