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by Cat on 02/22/2015

SAVE MONEY on Sports Drinks, smoothies and juices by making them at home yourself. The multi purpose infusion bottle on Amazon doubles as a sports water bottle, fruit infuser and a tea infuser. – It’s ideal to use at Home, School, at Work, on the go or while traveling or during workout. Today, the fruit infused water bottle has become the must have accessory for fitness people.

Citrus Infused Water Recipes are Helpful as a Weight Loss Aid, Lemon Detox Water being excellent to alkalize the body. Great for anyone on a pH balance diet. Smoothies and juices are good too, but during summer drinking a more water based drink is better for our health and to quench the thirst. Don’t Buy Expensive Alternatives!

If you struggle to drink plain water, citrus combinations or lemon infused water not only tastes good but are very healthy. As you know, buying bottled water, health drinks and energy beverages usually aren’t very that healthy, but still cost you quite a bit of money.

Grab your infuser bottle here on Amazon.

Get Started by Choosing a Recipe from the Free Recipe Book & Making your Infused Water Today!

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