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Rainbow Smoothie Diet Plan: Weight Loss and Cleansing Smoothie Recipe Book, Detox and Health for Everyone (+ 3 and 7 days smoothie weight loss plan)

by on 07/03/2019

The main advantages of the “Rainbow Smoothie” recipes, and several reasons why the “Rainbow Smoothie Diet Plan” is a must-have item in your daily diet:

– One portion of a smoothie allows you to obtain the daily requirement of vitamins you need.

Smoothie weight loss recipes are quick and easy to prepare.

– Rainbow smoothies are an excellent substitute for sweets. If you cannot imagine your life without sweets, then these colorful fruit smoothies detoxing with a spoon of honey or sweet syrup will be a great alternative.

It is a low-calorie drink. Are smoothies using our recipes useful for losing weight? Absolutely! In this drink, there are very few calories, which is why smoothies are included in various programs for weight loss.

– You will normalize your digestive system.

Green Smoothies detoxify the body. Powerful detox smoothies contribute to the effective cleansing of the body.

– Smoothies are suitable for people who are actively involved in sports. They help in recovery after training and muscle building.

– Freshly prepared smoothie “cocktails” favorably effect the general condition of the body, energize and provide many vitamins.

– It is an elixir of youth. The state of your skin will be perfect: it will be moisturized, smooth and clean.

Proper nutrition is the key to a healthy body.

– You will strengthen your immune system as well. The daily use of vitamin-packed smoothies significantly strengthens the immune system and protects the body from colds.

– Full sleep. Every day you will be full of energy.

– Delicious “cocktails” of various colors have a positive effect on energy: a healthy body filled with vitamins always radiates positive energy.

– Smoothies activate brain activity and improve memory.

Right NOW Say YES to:

– a cleansing green smoothie diet;

– a weight loss smoothie diet;

– a slim figure and a healthy body!

A 7-day smoothie diet plan for weight loss is included!!!

Don’t wait! One click and you will change your life! Taste the Rainbow!

*You can also buy a full-color or black and white paper version of this book. Just click “See all formats” section to choose your version.

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Smoothie Diet Plan: Weight Loss and Cleansing Smoothie Recipe Book, Detox and Health for Everyone (+ 3 and 7 days smoothie weight loss plan)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing exciting recipes. I see now why the book has such a delightful title and cover Rainbow Smoothie Diet.Every smoothie of an alternate shading and your life turns out to be brilliant and colorful.I love smoothies and I think this is the most advantageous approach to lose weight.Smoothies are an incredible breakfast and I like the cooking time is short.My most loved smoothie is a natural product mix.This smoothie book contains every one of those formulas that will help accomplish a decent eating routine. This book…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great way to lose weight for 2019 This book is full of great tips to help you incorporate smoothies into your diet and lose weight doing so. I’ve always seen smoothies as sort of an afterthought or a gimmick, but the science behind some of the tips is sound. The “Rainbow” thing stems from the fact that different colored foods actually work on different parts of your body, like red for your blood and oxygenation processes. I thought the book had great suggestions to keep your diet interesting and avoid becoming a boring…