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Pure Green: 100+ Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes (Green Smoothies) (Volume 1)

by on 09/23/2018

New Bestselling Green Smoothie Book Now Available In Paperback!

A Complete Collection Of Over 100 Mouth Watering, Green Smoothie Recipes At Your Fingertips

In her third book, Licensed Naturopath and Raw Food Expert Liz Swann Miller, presents 101 hand picked green smoothie recipes that are not only easy to make, but are packed with nutritional value.

Whether you want to lose weight, detox or warm up your body, you’ll find a large variety of health infused recipes that will help you to easily achieve your goals!

All the recipes in this book are guaranteed to be:

  • Packed with nutrition
  • Packed with taste
  • Easy to prepare
  • And Budget friendly

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Create perfect smoothies each and every time (step by step)
  • Customize and enhance your green smoothies
  • Select a blender that will do the job without breaking your bank

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2 thoughts on “Pure Green: 100+ Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes (Green Smoothies) (Volume 1)

  1. Amanda Wade says:

    Healthy yummy recipes! I used to be a vegetarian for 15 years so I would get lots of greens in my diet. With the recent addition of seafood to my diet I found that my greens habit was on a slippery slope. So I thought this book would help me get back on track.The recipes included were delightful. They were categorized by health benefits for instance: detox, weight loss, great skin, power drinks and so on. Its nice to know that drinking from the various categories help achieve different health goals…

  2. Darin Pope says:

    Fresh! Short and sweet book and mainly JUST a recipe book. There is not a lot of talk about why green smoothies, and she is very clear about that. I believe she has other books that discuss those. The recipes are great – I tried a few of them and was inspired to create my own after that. There are no pictures. If you like visuals, this book won’t do that. I also couldn’t see the difference between beauty/glowing smoothies versus post workout. I do however love the simplicity of her recipes with fruits…