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New Post on Fruit Smoothies for Weight Loss

by Richard on 12/04/2013

I just wrote a new page on the benefits of fruit smoothies for weight loss and dieting. I am a firm believer in healthy dieting, but not in fully liquid dieting. You can use smoothies to supplement and augment your diet program, and to hopefully cut calories, but remember that smoothies are rich with nutrients and depending on how much non fiberous fruits and vegetables you add (yogurt, Tofu, granola) you might accidentally add a lot of calories that you didn’t mean to add to your diet and you might actually GAIN weight.

So use smoothies correctly, and find great recipes for them on my site. But remember to find out the calories for each one when using them for dieting. Stealth calories are the worst!

A little story: A while back a friend of mine was convinced that a liquid smoothie diet would help with rapid weight loss and so went on a smoothie diet for a month. What he didn’t realize was that the smoothies he was making were actually high fat, since he was using full fat yogurt and adding sugar (!) can you believe it! So instead of losing weight, he started having a smoothie which was very sweet, and then he started having more smoothies because he reasoned that smoothies were good. The net result? He gained 30 pounds.

Watch the ingredients, and watch the calories in your smoothies. You’d be surprised that people believe that any liquid diet is going to be a diet, and it is not. It’s all about the calories and smoothies have loads of calories in them too. Unless you make them properly.

On another note, be careful of seeded fruits if you are prone to diverticulitis, which my neighbor is. He started drinking raspberrie smoothies and eventually wound up with some abdominal pain. Nothing serious. But be careful.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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