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Making Healthy Smoothies for Kids

by Richard on 12/04/2013

I don’t know about you, but I worry about my kid’s health. I worry about whether they are getting all the nutrients they need and whether the junk food they inevitably eat is harming them. One way to counteract it all is to get them into loving smoothies. And it’s easy since kids love to help out and love to watch things in a blender.

So I’ve taken to making “smoothie days” with my kids and even when their friends come over to help out. I just buy a bunch of fruit, yogurt, frozen yogurt and maybe even some sorbet to put in. I don’t want them to eat too much sweet sorbet in a smoothie, but this case seems warranted to get them to like the smoothie.

Then I try it without any added sugar, and my kids are beginning to like the natural fruit sweetness of the berries and bananas especially when I add some raisins. The raisins are a natural kicker. And they add a nice chewiness to them too. If I’m worried my kids aren’t eating enough I might let them put a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream on top and well, yes, sometimes it’s sweetened if I don’t have time to make whipped cream and I just pull out the cool whip. The important thing is to get them eating fruits and vegetables, and to learn how good nutrition feels in their bodies. When they are children it’s critical to get the proper nutrients – which includes good fats- in their bellies.

Plus the smoothies come out in very cool colors, and some like them purple, some green, some orange and some red. And I get to spend fun time with my kids. That is the best part.

I wrote a new page that you can read here healthy smoothies for kids. Hope it helps you and that you are finding what you need here on our site.

Thanks for your continued readership and I hope your smoothie making is satisfying and delicious.

Smoothies help keep you healthy!

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