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Learn How to Make Healthy Smoothies in Your Kitchen

by Richard on 12/04/2013

When I started on my health kick, which was when I turned 40, I started looking for ways to not take pills and not do anything processed or manufactured. I wanted purity and pure health. Smoothies fit that bill really well. So, you start in your own kitchen so you don’t pay the huge upcharge when you get them at your local health food store. I was amazed at how cheaply I could make them at home.

So, home we go with our bunch of bananas, our bag of berries, some totally low fat yogurt, and some good honey. I often try different honeys to see if they change the flavor. Remember honey can be made from any flower that the bees pollinate. The majority is clover, but the is also lavender, lilac and many many others. And they all taste different.

Also, if you are using yogurt, be sure to try the wonderful Greek yogurts out there. Very thick, and if you are on a diet make sure you get the lower fat grades of them. But they do make all the difference in flavor. I love them personally.

I keep a special container in my fridge for smoothie making ingredients, so I can just pull them out and get the blender. I like a mix of fruit myself, but often will opt for a basic banana and blueberry smoothie just to keep it simple. I often have two smoothies a day, so I don’t leave the blender without cleaning it so I or anyone else in the family (we are a smoothie sort of family :-)) can use the blender without washing it. I thought to buy another blender but I thought that was just laziness.

I wrote this post on how to make healthy smoothies because I wanted to share how easy it is to make smoothies at home with any old blender. I got serious about it and bought a powerful model, but really it’s just a matter of blending it all up. More of a just do it sort of approach.

Just get blending! And thanks for visiting.

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Smoothies help keep you healthy!

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