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Helix D3TOX for Women – Reduce Bloating, Flatten Midsection, Clean Vital Organs

by on 08/01/2019

Helix Nutrition’s D3TOX for women is the most elite female detox on the market. Whether you are looking to jumpstart a new diet or just seeking a simple cleanse after indulging over the weekend, D3TOX is here for you! We formulated this specific detox just for the ladies; by including natural ingredients that have been known to alleviate common menstrual side effects like fluid retention, bloating, nausea and inflammation. Aside from alleviating menstrual symptoms D3TOX stays true to its name by using a proprietary Cleanse Stack. The ingredients within the Cleanse Stack provide benefits such as relieving constipation, promoting regularity, removing toxins from the blood, helping in the restoration of vitamin levels, stimulating the cells of the immune system, assisting in healthy gallbladder and liver functioning, and working as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage from free radicals. And last but definitely not least, aside from all the biological benefits, D3TOX will have you feeling sexier by providing you with a flatter midsection and a loss in weight. Implementing D3TOX for women is the fastest and best way to promote a healthy and slimmer physique. Suggested Use: Three Capsules at bedtime with a full glass of water (approximately 12 oz.); and for experienced users an additional Three Capsules the following morning. -Your Personal Restart-

Product Features

  • All Natural Formula.
  • Eliminate accumulated waste.
  • Flatten Midsection.
  • Maxamize metabolism.

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