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Use Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss and Weight Control

by Richard on 12/04/2013

The basic smoothie is healthy, and if not adulterated with lots of sweeteners and fatty stuff, it will be a boon to your diet. But, to some folks who what instant weight loss, they think the “liquid in liquid out” approach to dieting is the sure fire weight loss technique.

In reality, weight loss is all about calories. And healthy smoothies can either be low calorie or high calorie, depending on how you make them. But they are NOT inherently low calorie. Any more than diet cookies are, well DIET COOKIES! That’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one. The way to lose weight is to increase satiety. To increase satiety inherently makes you eat less, and desire less food to begin with. I mean if you are less hungry, or not hungry, you’ll not want to eat in the first place.

Smoothies are the best diet food if used correctly, and if they are all natural, they can keep you sated longer, which causes your calorie intake to trend down. You eat less, you don’t feel hungry, and you get a burst of nutrients. All from one glass.

So when it comes to weight loss, remember, the same rules apply. You are eating to sate yourself on the minimum calories you can eat. Smoothies can really assist in this, but they are not a magic pill. They might taste like a magic elixir if you add enough sweetener and whatever else. but they will be bad for your weight loss efforts.

Yes, healthy smoothies can be less sweet, and vegetable smoothies can be underwhelming, but if the goal is to lose weight, remember the smoothie is not necessarily going to pack a flavor punch but what it lacks in that it will make up for in reducing calories and super loading you with nutrients.

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