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How to Make Healthy Smoothies at Home

by Richard on 12/04/2013

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cool, sweet smoothie! Smoothies have evolved from their popularity back in the ’70s when all you needed was a blender, some soft fruit, ice and simple syrup. Nowadays, every smoothie can be as refreshing as it is healthy. Yes, more and more people are learning how to make healthy smoothies, not as refreshing drinks anymore, but as meal replacements and cures for everything under the sun. But how did a smoothie evolve from a dessert drink to a health drink? The reason is because more and more people know that fruits and vegetables in their raw form are great sources of vitamins and nutrients.Add yogurt and skim milk to make the smoothie thick, creamy and smooth. Knowing what goes into every smoothie you drink will help you improve your looks, your body and your health!

Let’s start with the basics on how to make healthy smoothies. As a healthy dessert drink, bananas, papaya, mango and pineapples are great to blend together. Add some ice and a quarter cup of low fat milk or skim milk and you’re good to go. In the past, simple syrup was added to make smoothies super sweet. But there’s no need for that anymore. As tastes and health consciousness evolved, the natural sweetness in fruits became good enough to flavor the smoothie. In fact, a lot of store bought smoothies will have “no sugar added” stickers to promote them as being healthy smoothies. Knowing how to make healthy smoothies at home will save you money and allow you to customize your smoothies according to what you need on a day to day basis.

If you’re on a diet then you can take advantage of healthy smoothies to help you curb your hunger or help as meal replacements depending on what you need. If you’re learning how to make healthy smoothies as part of your diet plan, then the first thing to do is get a sturdy blender. Because you’ll be using a variety of fruits and raw vegetables, a good blender with heavy duty blades is a good investment. If you want real smooth smoothies from fruits and veggies, go for commercial grade blenders. These blenders will take the heat of everyday use and will also be easy to clean as most of the high grade ones have glass carafes that are dishwasher safe. Another important thing to remember, commercial or high grade blenders can crush ice easily, making your healthy smoothie even more creamy and smooth. Blenders that are labeled as fruit and food blenders are also the ones that can crush veggies like carrots and hard fruits like apples. Remember, there are plenty in the market today available at all price points. Get the best blender you can within your budget.

Now that you have your blender ready, the next thing to know about how to make healthy smoothies is what fruits and vegetables make the best combinations. Naturally sweet fruits like apples, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, mango, papaya, cantaloupes, honeydew melons and watermelons can be the base of your smoothie. These fruits naturally thicken and give a creamy consistency to your blended concoction. Plus, because they’re high in natural sugar, there is no need for other sweeteners. The next layer of fruits or vegetables you’ll be needing will depend on what your healthy smoothie is for. If it’s a refreshing and light smoothie for an afternoon pick me up, then a few drops of lemon or lime will add a citrus perk to your smoothie. Grapefruits and oranges will do the same. In fact this citrus fruits are not only refreshing but a great combination if you want instant relief from colds. Grate some ginger and add to this combination. Ginger has natural antioxidants that help relieve colds and sore throats. Because it has a bite and may taste peppery, try a pinch of grated ginger first, then add more to your smoothie as you get used to the taste. How to make healthy smoothies will also depend on what fruits and veggies you love.

Now, if you are making smoothies as meal replacements, you need more than just sweet fruits. You need nutrients that will replace solid foods. You will also need a combination that not only satisfies but will also give you energy. If you are using a smoothie as a meal replacement in a diet plan, consult your doctor first and ask if this is enough for your needs. Sometimes, because of medications you may be taking, a smoothie might not be enough for you as a complete meal. So what fruits and vegetables can you use as you master how to make healthy smoothies?

Green leafy vegetables and green and orange vegetables are good to add to any smoothie blend. The only downside of this is that they tend to be bitter, so they really need to be used in the right combination and proportion or else you won’t be able to drink them. A healthy smoothie is meant to be enjoyed. If you have to drink it while pinching your nose, then you’re defeating the very purpose of having a healthy smoothie. The best way to enjoy a healthy smoothie is to enjoy every sip. This way, if this is indeed your meal replacement, then you’ll be less hungry if you savor it and watch those hunger pangs go away.

Of the leafy greens that make into delicious and healthy smoothies, spinach and kale top the list. How to make a healthy smoothie using greens takes practice. For your first blend, try 2-3 cups of spinach. Making sure it’s organic is a good thing to do because you’re assured that it has not been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. Add 1 cup of skim milk, crushed or cubed ice and as your sweetener, choose bananas or blueberries. This healthy smoothie will also speed up healing since spinach is loaded with Vitamin K. Add some fresh mint for a quick pick me up. This blend will surely make your day. Remember, the color may not be as nice as a chocolate milkshake, but it’s a drink that’s 100% more healthy and infinitely more satisfying! How to make healthy smoothies requires a bit of imagination and a healthy dose of food adventure. The end result is a glass of delicious and healthy smoothie that you can call your own!

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