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Healing Foods: Eat Your Way to a Healthier Life

by on 09/13/2019

Take control of your life and your health through what you eat with Healing Foods — an indispensable resource that shows you exactly what foods are best, and how to optimize their super-food potential.

With more than 200 healing foods, from carrots to clementines, and 150 easy-to-prepare recipes that heal, Healing Foods empowers readers to practice optimum nutrition, and shows how certain foods can be incorporated into daily life to target specific health issues.

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3 thoughts on “Healing Foods: Eat Your Way to a Healthier Life

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good information on healthy foods This book has some really good information and good recipes in it. The first half of the book breaks down what each food is good for healthwise and tips on how to use it. It also includes some nice pictures with the recipes, as well as with the individual grains and other foods. Each recipe has it’s own page and at the top of the page under the title of the recipe it lists why this particular meal is good for you.However, the nutrition values are not included. Since I am…

  2. Anonymous says:

    ” I like it a lot I have this book before,” I like it a lot,” I was a caregiver for long time no time for me,but I never regretted,I feel I make place to heaven when is time for me,hahaha,I was without preparation with my breasts cancer,taking a lot of medicine,170 over-weight and debilitated.”I changed my life,eating healing and healthy food,” walking everyday to the park,with my dog,my weight now is 130 my body is strong,”we are what we eat.” To take care your body,is the best…

  3. Anonymous says:

    ‘HEALING FOODS” gets an excellent, five-star rating from me ‘HEALING FOODS” gets an excellent, five-star rating from me. ships promptly and well. This book shows you how to “eat your way to a healthier life!” Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food is mentioned inside the pages. You learn more about 175 healing foods from apples to aloe, from plums to peppers, and from almonds to walnuts the book states.Beautiful colored pictures of the fruits and vegetables. For example on the page mentioning BLUEBERRIES. It is…