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Green Smoothies That Don’t Taste Gross: Over 50 Sexy & Filling, Delicious & Nutritious Green Smoothie Recipes You Will LOVE! (Green Smoothies, Low Sugar, Alkaline, Keto)

by on 10/08/2019

Warning! If you like boring, unappetizing green smoothies that taste worse than baby food- don’t buy this book!

Do not use this book unless you want to feel energized, have glowing skin, lose weight, and live

a super healthy lifestyle!


But if you’re looking for super healthy ways to boost your wellbeing almost instantly and feel confident you are taking care of your body, mind, and soul (in less than 10 mins a day)- you have come to the right place!


I am very excited to help you and guide you through Green Smoothies That Don’t Taste Gross.

Here’s precisely what you can expect:

-over 50, juicy, sexy and tasty green smoothie recipes you can make in 10 minutes or less (set up included)

-simple to follow food lists and shopping lists you need to make unbelievably delicious and nutritious smoothies to look and feel amazing

-common-sense, super effective, but most often overlooked superfoods to use in your smoothies

herbal secrets to quickly spice up your smoothies and drastically enhance their nutritional value fast (99.9% green smoothie lovers have no clue about them)

the most common smoothie mistakes you need to avoid (unless you want to end up sick, tired, and putting on weight and fat!)

-all kinds of taste for you to enjoy. From naturally creamy and sweet smoothies to spicy and sour smoothies + natural green protein smoothies

quick meal replacement smoothies and smoothies you can quickly turn into a quick, delicious, healing raw or almost raw soup

+ a myriad of all-natural, holistic, nerdy, health, and wellness tips from a life-long practitioner!

Ready to optimize your health to look and feel fabulous?

Secure your copy of Green Smoothies That Don’t Taste Gross now, by scrolling up the page and ordering your copy today.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Elena “Green Smoothie Addict” Garcia


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