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Green Smoothies For Dummies

by on 05/06/2018

Sip your way to ultimate nutrition and feel better than ever

Whether you’re looking to detox, lose weight, or just add more veggies to your diet, green smoothies are the way to go. Easy to prepare, portable, and endlessly customizable, green smoothies are the trendy new beverage in everyone’s cup. Think you don’t like kale, collard greens, or watercress? Try them in a smoothie and you’ll never see them the same way again. Green smoothies are the easiest, most painless way to add more nutrients to your diet, so you can feel better than ever before.

Green Smoothies For Dummies is your beginner’s guide to the world of drinkable greens. Author and international smoothie guru Jennifer Thompson explains the benefits of green smoothies, and provides over 90 recipes that will make you start craving your vegetables. You’ll get to know the flavors and properties of each ingredient, and how to combine ingredients for complete nutrition.

  • Replace meals with green smoothies without sacrificing nutrients
  • Boost your nutrition even higher with protein and fiber supplements
  • Reduce hunger and feel full longer with the right smoothie blends
  • Customize your smoothies to your personal nutritional needs

Before too long, you’ll be experimenting and coming up with your own favorite combinations. Your vegetable intake will skyrocket, and you’ll look and feel fantastic. How often does something so good for you taste so delicious? Green smoothies help you fill the nutrient gaps in your diet so you can experience optimal health and well-being. Green Smoothies For Dummies is your guide to all things smoothie, and will get you started now.

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3 thoughts on “Green Smoothies For Dummies

  1. APR says:

    A nice Dummies book

  2. K. Lam says:

    Exactly what I was looking for! Exactly what I was looking for! This book is extremely easy to understand and use. The recipes are straight forward, easy to make and the ingredients are available in a normal grocery store. Unique tips such as making your own almond milk (super easy), natural sweetening options and which parts of produce are the best to use in smoothies are a welcome addition. The very serious chapter on using green smoothies as an aid and support for medical conditions such as chronic inflammation is…

  3. Jerry Foley says:

    Five Stars