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Green Smoothies: 30 Easy and Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes to Boost Your Energy, Lose Weight and Revitalize Your Life

by on 04/13/2018

Green Smoothies Have The Power To Revitalize Your Life!

Would you like to feel what it’s like to have unlimited energy? How about living in a body that actually looks and feels younger? Maybe you just want to easily lose weight and keep it off–being lean, fit and sexy!

If this sounds like you then keep reading…

I’m about to show you how to unleash the healing power of green smoothies. No matter where you’re at in your life or what health problems you may have, green smoothies can give you more nutrition that just about anything else. Whether you have a serious disease, are seeking pain relief, trying to regain your youth or simply just want to lose some weight, green smoothies have a place in your diet.

No Matter What Your Health Goals Green Smoothies Will Get You There…

Now you may be thinking, “Why would I ruin the taste of a perfectly delicious smoothie?” Well, the good news is you don’t have to!

Adding greens to your daily smoothie can be just as tasty and even more healthy than your more traditional smoothie…

Let’s face it: most people know green vegetables are some of the healthiest, most healing foods on the planet, yet we just can’t force ourselves to eat them. So why not drink them?

The Recipes In This Book Will Take Your Taste Buds On A Month Long Journey That Will Forever Change The Way You Look And Feel!

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Find Inside…
==>How to make the perfect green smoothie–every time
==>How to transform the taste of bitter greens and turn them into a delicious smoothie
==>Why green smoothies could be considered the new fountain of youth
==>The most important additions you can add to your smoothies for an extra boost
==>The major health and healing benefits of green smoothies
==>Why certain fruits and vegetables are so good for you
==>How green smoothies cleanse your body from the inside out
==>How using green smoothies can start healing your body, no matter what your situation
==>30 of the most delicious green smoothies to boost your health, fast!
==>Plus, so much more…

It’s time for you to see what green smoothies can do for you. Are you ready to have unlimited energy, smooth, wrinkle free skin and a body that looks and feels young and vibrant? Add green smoothies to your life It may be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!

Here Are Two Of My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipes To Help You Start Feeling Healthier Today!

Tropical Cleanse
A very simple and easy to prepare green smoothie with fairly common ingredients and a great taste to tantalize your taste buds. The ginger is actually an ingredient that can be included in just about any green smoothie. It gives the smoothie a tangy, sharp, spicy flavor that keeps it from being the slightest bit bland and frankly makes it even more tasty and exciting.

Blend together the following ingredients to create the Tropical cleanse:
¼ of a whole, fresh pineapple
1 small banana
1 finger of ginger
2 handfuls of spinach
1 C coconut water

Green Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade
If you don’t ever want to get sick again, drink this daily. The fruits in this smoothie contain extremely high amounts of vitamin C. Not only that, but this smoothie is very alkaline based—meaning it can help flush out some of those harmful acids that have accumulated in your body. Even the tiny kiwi has the power to protect your DNA from oxidative stress and damage.

You will need the following ingredients:
1 kiwi, peeled
¾ C strawberries
¼ C pineapple
½ lemon (peeled and seeded)
2 C spinach
1 ½ C water

Are You Ready To Feel Better And Have More Energy Than Ever Before?

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  1. Jen Wood says:

    A smoothier way to health!!! The Green Smoothie Diet: One Month of Green Smoothie Recipes to Recharge Your Health is an excellent read and brings you straight to the point about the positive health benefits of drinking green-based nutritional and delicious smoothies for better well-being. Previous smoothie aficionados focused more on high fruit and juice based drinks; however, this book illustrates how important green, chlorophyll rich smoothies are to our nutritional needs. They can provide even more benefits than…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Green smoothies seem to be all the rage these days and with good reason, they are nutrient dense. Packed with vitamins and needed chemicals for our body’s optimum performance, green smoothies give your metabolism a boost, promote clear skin complexions and help to keep bad cholesterol at bay. If you want to shed a pound or two, or even many, smoothies help you lose weight too!What I liked about this book, Green Smoothies is the conversational style that the author brings to her…