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Green Smoothie Recipes & other Healthy Smoothie Recipes: Discover over 50 Easy Smoothie Recipes – breakfast smoothies, green smoothies, healthy … treat smoothies and fruit smoothie recipes

by on 11/19/2014

UPDATED Sept 2013 to include All fresh ingredients and even tastier choices.

Just some of the five star reviews:
  • Top 50 Reviewer, Hall of Fame and Vine Voice Reviewer says ‘ concise and informative….luscious recipes….5 Star’ 
  • others say…’these recipes are amazing…awesome…’ and 
  • ‘these recipes are excellent…just what I needed…’ 
  • Read A Review wrote “Delicious, Easy, Healthy – What More Could You Want?”
  •  PD Hansen wrote “…these fantastic smoothies…” other comments include “…very tasty” and “many recipes…fantastic book” 

This is a green smoothie recipes book with other healthy smoothie recipes – in an easy-to-read format with lots of delicious recipes to choose from helping you to lose weight or get healthy or just have a quick meal on the run. 

The smoothies are put into different categories to make finding the one you want quick and easy, and the choice is simple without overwhelming you with too many recipes. There is a particularly good section on green smoothies and their health benefits.  This is a great starter book for anyone looking for ideas, but also for those more advanced smoothie makers looking for more smoothie recipe ideas.

There is extra information on smoothie makers, how to make smoothies thicker, keep them sugar free, the history and benefits of green smoothies and what other ingredients you can swap in to make delicious fruit smoothies, quick smoothies and more.

You will also find tips on using different milks and yogurt, protein powder etc. 
This smoothies recipe book includes breakfast smoothies, green smoothies, healthy smoothies, lunchtime smoothies, yogurt smoothies, special occasion treat smoothies and fruit smoothie recipes.

A useful  book for those interested in healthy eating!

If you click on the ‘look inside’ feature you will see the long list of smoothie recipes all in very helpful different categories that you can choose from.

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Smoothies help keep you healthy!

3 thoughts on “Green Smoothie Recipes & other Healthy Smoothie Recipes: Discover over 50 Easy Smoothie Recipes – breakfast smoothies, green smoothies, healthy … treat smoothies and fruit smoothie recipes

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Great way to please the whole house! To start, my wife is diabetic, my little sister is a very picky eater, and I was never one for the healthy food movement. That is until my wife brought home this book, a load of fresh fruits, and a tub of yoghurt. (I didn’t even think they made them in tubs!) Well, a few hasty tries, and we started to get the hang of making awesome smoothies! We’ve even started making our own recipes using the book as a guideline. This is a great way to get you started on making your own delicious snacks,…

  2. Sandy says:

    Good Smoothie Recipes Achieving great health is not something that happens by accident. Adopting healthy eating habits is a great first step and may be the corner stone of a health lifestyle. Studies have shown that changing your diet habits is not easy but eating healthier and exercising more are two things that we can do in our lives that have almost immediate rewards. My family started making smoothies about a year ago and now we include a smoothie, in place of a meal, in our diet at least 5 times a week. The…

  3. Gadget Lover "Great" says:

    I’m totally lovin this book 0

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