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Green Smoothie and Juicing Recipe Book: Detoxify, Energize, Alkalize, Lose Weight and Feel Great!

by on 07/05/2019

                     ??? Why drink green ???

One juice or smoothie a day—made from green vegetables such as kale, cucumber, celery, and spinach—works wonders for your organ health, immune system strength, and weight loss.

• Green leafy vegetables are extremely alkaline and great for lowering your blood pH and remedying many common ailments and diseases.
• By juicing or blending the vegetables into a delicious smoothie, you can enjoy the goodness of many more cups of greens that you could possibly eat in one sitting.
•The juicing process also breaks down or removes the fibers of the plants so their nutrients are able to get into your system quicker.
•The “green drink” approach offers dieters the chance to add something rather than take it away, without guilt.

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All Smoothies and Juices are under 300 calories, have 5 or fewer ingredients, and take less than 10 minutes to make, so you can whip them up in no time and get on with your health goals and enjoy your day.

Every recipe contains nutritional information to help you plan your meals and meet your dietary needs.

A cleansing detox drink is a fantastic, tasty way to consume all your necessary vitamins and minerals without having to resort to a processed multivitamin. Plus, green-drinkers quickly start to crave more fruits and vegetables, leading them to a healthier diet over all. The Green Smoothie and Juicing Recipe Book gives health enthusiasts all the tools they need to add green drinks to their daily routine and feel the wonderful, energizing results.

The Smoothie and Juicing Recipe Book will help you lose weight, increase your energy, fight disease, and achieve the healthy glow that comes from a clean and well-balanced diet.

                                    ★★★ It is a simple path to a new and healthier you! ★★★

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