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Green Kitchen Smoothies: Healthy and Colorful Smoothies for Every Day

by on 03/28/2018

Delicious smoothies from the authors behind the award-winning and hugely popular blog Green Kitchen Stories

Bestselling authors David and Luise now share their top smoothie recipes, as well as some new and exciting ideas. The book is divided into simple smoothies, post-workout favorites, breakfast ideas, energizers, desserts, and more. David and Luise also reveal their recipes for nut milks and butters, granola, muesli, as well as their favorite juices, which can be added to the recipes. Recipes include the Green Bowl, Sleeping-in Smoothie, Green Stamina Workout, the Warm Smoothie, and Apple Pie in a Glass.

This is no run-of-the mill smoothie book. For anyone reluctant to switch to a purely liquid breakfast, there are snacks to go along with them. And for any Nutribullet™ experts who are looking for some new ideas, this is the perfect book.

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  • Green Kitchen Smoothies Healthy and Colorful Smoothies for Every Day

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2 thoughts on “Green Kitchen Smoothies: Healthy and Colorful Smoothies for Every Day

  1. Kat L says:

    Great flavor, beautiful photographs, not just smoothies There’s a lot I like about this adorable book, but there are also a few major issues that keep it from being a solid 5 stars.I’m going to start with the things I did like about this book first, and then discuss what I didn’t.Pros:So far I’ve made the goji-mango-turmeric, upside-down breakfast, greens for all, and blueberry power smoothies. They were all delicious and the recipe made plenty for myself plus another serving. I absolutely loved the goji, mango, and turmeric…

  2. Zen*Yogi*Girl says:

    Amazing book full of creative, beautiful and varied recipes that use easy to find foods to make delcious healthy smoothies! I have long followed the blog Green Kitchen Stories and own / regularly use the authors Green Kitchen Travels book so was excited to purchase their latest book.I think it’s an important disclosure for anyone considering purchasing this that the title “Green Kitchen Smoothies” suggests this is a book about – and perhaps exclusively about smoothies, which is not quite the case. Though this is the main premise and most dishes center on the basic concept in some way -the book takes…