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Uses of Garcinia

by Foody on 04/21/2014

Garcinia cambogia or the so called gummi- gutta is a kind of fruit found in tropical countries. It flourishes in the moistest forest.

Garcinia cambogia is used for cooking, especially when preparing curries. For most traditional recipes, the extract and rind of the said fruits are being mixed with foods in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Burma and other Southeast Asian countries.

According to the Indian beliefs, once the fruit is sour, it is very healthy for digestion. Indian uses the said fruit as condiments. In Sri Lanka, garcinia is believed to have the qualities of antibacterial.

On the other hand, US uses garcinia as a way of losing weight. There is a study that this kind of fruit helps the human body to eliminate fats and make the person lose his/her appetite once the fruit is being swallowed. But this fruit is very tasty and delicious that other person puts the name of the fruit as one of their favorites.

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