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FRUIT INFUSER Water Bottle Tumbler with a Lid | 100% BPA FREE | Our Best Infusion Bottles for Infused Fruit, Smoothies, Tea, and Coffee | Double Walled Mug, Hot & Cold (13.5 Ounces, Pink)

by on 11/07/2017

Teami Tumbler is for every person who wants to have an easy way to make infusions on-the-go, but can’t find the right container for the job.

Here’s a huge problem you face right now. Picking the right container to fit your needs, one that’s not going to break or leak. But that’s not the end of your problems with great infusions.

What makes this even worse is the fact that almost ALL of the options out there are breakable glass, leak, or simply have no fashion sense! Which means anytime you want to take your tumbler with you it could break or you risk the mess of a leaky container. Yuck! Not to mention making you look bad. No! Even worse, many infusion connoisseurs can’t get past the idea that glass makes drinks taste better, but that’s just not always true.

All this can make trying to just quickly throw in your infusion and go a nightmare! But luckily, there’s now a solution with our Teami Tumbler!


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Always remember that heat expands! Please allow the contents in
your tumbler to cool for 1-3 minutes before tightening the lid to prevent the mouth piece from
opening due to pressure. Never shake or turn your tumbler upside-down, if contents are hot. The
pressure that hot water creates will cause the top to potentially open, spilling the contents. Once
the tea is cool it becomes safe to turn upside down.

We do not recommend that you pour boiling water directly into your tumbler – if the water
comes to a boil please allow the water to rest for a few minutes before pouring into your beautiful

Product Features

  • NEW HASSLE FREE MESH STRAINER! Our unique filtering design is unlike anything else on the market. Developed from scratch, ours permits you to pull the simple and EASY TO USE stainless steel screen housing out for easy infusions of any kind. Gives you the power to throw your teas, fruit, citrus, or other goodies inside, put it all back together, and that’s it! Oh yeah, and because of the new design it’s SUPER EASY TO CLEAN
  • UNIQUE & EXCITING SECRET COMPARTMENT! Another feature unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, more than just infusers, our INSULATED travel bottles let you store your tea, coffee, vitamins, and more in the EXTRA STORAGE SPACE at the bottom of the tumbler! A great extra feature that other infuser bottles just don’t have. Total convenience in a Fashionable tumbler!
  • NO-NONSENSE SPORTS FLIP TOP! Our lid lets you flip the top up with the flick of a finger for ONE HANDED OPENENING; for you multitaskers! This LEAKPROOF LID will allow you to do what’s important to you while not having to worry about giving up both of your hands! Genious design!
  • DOUBLE LAYERED WALLS! Featured in all of our tumblers so you can keep your tea, coffee, or other drinks HOT without burning your fingers, and water or iced drinks and smoothies COLD for continual refreshment. Easy to clean, easier to use, the Teami Tumbler is a great infusion accessory that drink lovers cannot live without! ? Infusing drinks has never been Better!
  • BPA FREE & ECO FRIENDLY! No need to worry, NO HARSH CHEMICALS, NO PLASTIC TASTE in your infused drink with us! We use only HIGH QUALITY and FDA Approved food grade materials that are DISHWASHER SAFE. GUARANTEED satisfaction inside 90 days or your Money back.

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