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Frozen Ziplock Smoothie Bags, Empty Plastic Drink Pouches Juice Container, Set of 50 with Flexible Straws and Funnel

by on 09/11/2018


What can you do with this cute drink pouches?

You can use them to freeze juice, fruit, homemade tomato paste or anything that you want to put into a plastic bag to freeze.
You can put in the fridge the night before and you will have a great smoothie in the morning.
You can use them take smoothies to work for breakfast and lunch.
You can also “sip and throw”, which is ideal for any woman or man on the go.
Yes, for someone with a busy schedule who doesn’t have much time, this is it!

What kind of pouches you can get?

Great for smoothies, juice, water or protein shakes
Great for fruit, candies, beans, nuts or other food
BPA FREE and FDA APPROVED, sturdy and reusable
Can hold up well in the freezer
Stand up well after put water inside
Hand holes are large enough to get into easily
The funnel is collapsible and easy to use


50 pcs freezer bag for drinks and food
50 pcs long flexible plastic drinking straws
1 green collapsible funnel

Product Features

  • Includes 50 pcs 16 oz cute freezer bags, 50 flexible drinking straws, 1 collapsible funnel
  • Made of non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free materials, FDA approved, hold cold and hot drinks
  • Great for frozen water, green smoothies, protein shakes, juice, fruit, candies, beans, nuts , etc.
  • Thick, sturdy, reusable and stand well, easy to seal, will not leak or spill once properly sealed
  • Simple and convenient, hand holes are large enough, make it easy to take drinks on the go

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2 thoughts on “Frozen Ziplock Smoothie Bags, Empty Plastic Drink Pouches Juice Container, Set of 50 with Flexible Straws and Funnel

  1. Kristin says:

    A good alternative to plastic straws but… These PAPER straws are a good alternative to plastic but I wouldn’t say they hold up super well. I didn’t read the reviews so I assumed the 4-5 star rating was for the paper version, but it seems this rating is for the plastic version. The paper straws are colorful and useful but they do get soggy after a little while. Mine fell apart just before I was finished with my first drink, so I used a new straw for my second drink. I’ll use more straws if I utilize the paper versions, but at least it’s…

  2. L. Sanders says:

    Finally, a long straw.