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Drinking Straws by Green Direct – 10.75 inches Plastic Smoothie Straws Individually Wrapped – Extra Long & Thick for use with Any Jumbo Cup or Water Bottle – BPA Free – Mixed Neon Colors Pack of 300

by on 09/13/2018

Green Directs Phenomenal Plastic Straw is Your #1 Recommended item to stock up NOW!

The straw is made with many super quality characteristics to ensure our customers 100% Satisfaction.
★These straws are manufactured with great care and with the safest food grade plastic possible to make sure you get the highest quality straws.
★Green Direct straws comes in a box of 300 Neon Colored Wrapped Straws which each one is separately sealed to ensure proper cleanliness and avoid cross contamination.
★The straw are long enough to reach the bottom of any cup or drink enabling you to enjoy the “entire” drink, smoothie, or shake.
★The straws are: BPA free, Lead free, Phthalates free, and Dishwasher safe.
★Also an effective drinking aid for the elderly or those with drinking difficulties – they are soft, flexible, and adaptable.
★These straws can be used on smoothies, bar drinks, tea, coffee, water sports bottles, disposable drinks, and at any occasion!

★Diameter is 0.277 inches. Length is 10 3/4 inches

So do not hesitate but do the right thing and stock up on these straws now and you will NEVER regret it!!!

Product Features

  • Green Direct Fantastic Durable Drinking straws. High Quality and Well designed to suit all your drinking needs. Perfect for any fruit smoothie, icy drink, cold-drink shops, fast food shops, ice bars, tea shops, cafes, dessert bars and various fast-moving consumption places, school & educational institutions and very cool for drinks in family parties, birthday parties and festive parties!
  • For our little kids, straws must be safe and healthy. It’s very dangerous to let them use hard plastic straws or stainless-steel straws, which could accidentally scrap up their mouth sometimes. With our soft Super Quality straws, Children can drink without any risk, they won’t break the straw from chewing on it. It works beautifully with small children and adults in many, many ways.
  • The beautiful design of the straw will enhance your parties, gatherings, and even your simple home drinks. It will always beautify every cup and drink and make you calm and confident knowing that you are providing your guest with the most modern latest way of serving hot or cold drinks!
  • These 10.75 Inch wrapped straws comes in a neat box with 300 Neon Colored Straws which are made just with you in mind, the are single wrapped to maintain the utmost cleanliness to your straws. These straws are BPA free, Lead free, and Phthalates free, for 100% safety. They are safe to drink hot and cold drinks, and it is THE straw you need to stock up at this unbelievable economical price, and have it ready for all future Parties and Events!
  • ★★★EXCITING FUN COOL STRAWS★★★ Combine them with other neon exciting tableware, Dixie cups, party cups and cutlery for a bright and bold party table. You’re Guest will surely be amazed with these plastic straws and you will always be ready to invite your friends and family for an enjoyable and Exciting get together! ADD A SPLASH OF COLOR – plastic straws are the perfect add on décor to any celebration!

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2 thoughts on “Drinking Straws by Green Direct – 10.75 inches Plastic Smoothie Straws Individually Wrapped – Extra Long & Thick for use with Any Jumbo Cup or Water Bottle – BPA Free – Mixed Neon Colors Pack of 300

  1. mudpie says:

    Wish I’d found these a long time ago! This is my second order of these straws. They are perfect for me! Nice and long. I use one every day during my morning commute. They are a bit longer than most, which was very important to me because my drink cup is a bit tall. I’ve only used a few from the first box, which were clear, but I thought I should pick up an extra box to have on hand and got the multicolor. These will last me a long time because although they are considered disposable, they are quite durable enough to wash with…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Recently received our 300 neon straws! (they arrived inside the box they come in, inside a larger shipping box, so the box they come in arrived in perfect condition). GREAT straws! Four colors, (neon green, yellow, orange, and bright pink)…..they are individually wrapped in plastic which is nice for keeping them clean until use, they are VERY sturdy, JUST the right thickness…not too thin and not too thick, and they are really long. I personally, actually don’t need them to be quite that…