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Colorful Buckets 1.25 Gallon Plastic Buckets Green w/ Green Handle 5 Pack

by on 07/10/2017

This BPA free, food safe storage bucket is made with FDA approved plastic, making it amazingly strong and solid. These USA manufactured buckets come in various colors. Great for summer fun for the children including birthday parties, beach fun, and arts and crafts. You can fill these pails with various goodies and treats as well as use them as great table decorations. The buckets are 1.25 gallons and each comes with its own handles. You will need to attach the handles upon arrival. Each bucket is made from HDPE plastic and are injection molded. Diameter is 8.52 inches, and height is 6.58 inches.

Product Features

  • Colorful 1.25 gallon plastic buckets, food safe and BPA free Made in the USA
  • Lots of great uses besides as a food container…sand pail for the beach, Halloween bucket, Easter basket, gift basket, table decoration, arts and craft projects, etc.
  • Injection Molded for Ideal Roundness
  • Product dimensions: 8.52″ diameter x 6.58″ height
  • Handles arrive unattached; lids are NOT included

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