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Brazilian Detox Clay Body Wraps [8-Applications] Slimming Home Spa Treatment for Cellulite, Weight Loss, Stretch Marks | Natural, Purifying Detoxifier for Smooth, Toned Skin (8 Pack)

by on 02/04/2018

It’s hard to stay motivated to lose weight when you fail to lose belly fat fast. With dieting and exercise alone, it’s hard to target stored fat along the midsection and in places prone to cellulite, but it is possible for you to get rid of belly fat and promote smoother, firmer skin quickly.


Our body wraps for stomach, arms and thighs use volcanic ash bentonite clay to draw impurities out of the skin tissue for fast inch loss results. The natural body wraps also act as a skin-firming cellulite treatment to diminish dimpled, orange peel skin texture and reduce the prominence of stretch marks.


Our clay body wrap is produced from the absolute finest ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. You won’t have to worry about exposing your skin to harsh chemicals when you choose our body wrap kit, and we give you a total of eight body wraps per package, so you can treat your entire body or enjoy multiple body wrap weight loss treatments on the stomach, arms or thighs.


We back up our home spa treatments with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you’ve tried other spa clay body wrap products before and been disappointed, you can and will see a difference with our body wraps for weight loss! Our clay body wrap is clinically proven and fully guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose but excess fat and cellulite.

Get on the path to the slimmer body you’ve been longing for with the help of the best body wraps weight loss formula on Amazon!


Product Features

  • GET RID OF BELLY INCHES THE SAFE AND NATURAL WAY – Our spa grade clay body wrap uses volcanic ash bentonite to eliminate toxins, flush fluids, and remove impurities. This reduces water retention from your system and acts as a natural anti cellulite toning treatment. This means you can sculpt forever with no harsh chemicals to irritate the skin!
  • IT WORKS CRAZY FAST – our slimming skinny wrap really helps promote firmer, smoother skin; boost skin firmness, tighten loose skin, and better diminish the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and bloating around the midsection and love handles. This means visible, professional and quick lipo like results to contour both men and women.
  • BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA – Voted the best cosmetic firming solution! Customer reviews report slimmer bodies – even postpartum or after a baby pregnancy. And can be used with any weight loss program, products, supplements, fat burners, diet pills, creams, drinks, dead sea mudd, lotions, gels, belts, masks and more. WHAT THIS REALLY MEANS is that no matter how you use this thing, you can lose that plus size faster, and ditch the one piece bodysuit for a bikini.
  • THE PERFECT ULTIMATE BODY SCULPTING KIT – Start using right away on your stomach, arms, thighs, legs, calves, butt, waist, chin and more! This complete quality pack includes everything you need to experience extreme wrapping results right away and includes 8 top rated contouring mud applicators, and 2 reusable defining bandages.
  • RESULTS GUARANTEED – Lose at least 6 inches on your tummy at home in your first 90 Days or get your Money Back! This means there is nothing to lose except inches! Don’t settle for cheap herbal, infrared, thermal, or diy homemade weightloss bodywraps that don’t work. Try us and feel like an ultra hollywood model – toner, slender, slim and more fit.

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3 thoughts on “Brazilian Detox Clay Body Wraps [8-Applications] Slimming Home Spa Treatment for Cellulite, Weight Loss, Stretch Marks | Natural, Purifying Detoxifier for Smooth, Toned Skin (8 Pack)

  1. Miami Marty says:

    but by the second time it is an easy process. My skin feels and looks so much … This is the second time I’ve done one of the wraps and let me start by saying it can be messy the first time, but by the second time it is an easy process. My skin feels and looks so much better, my scars and stretch marks are less noticeable to me, but I can see a big difference in my waistline. I failed to measure the first time but I could feel my pants felt less tight in my waist, this time I did and I lost 1 1/22 inches which feels really good…

  2. Erica says:

    WOW! I made a New Year’s resolution to get more fit and just overall start living a more healthy and Pure Life. Including cutting out all junk food, fast food, processed foods. I’ve started to take vitamins and supplements as well as something to detox all of the yucky stuff that had been building up in all my years of living unhealthy OUT OF MY BODY!! As I did research I found that doing clay body wraps for detoxification is a really easy and healthy way to draw out all of the toxins. I decided to…

  3. Anonymous says:

    So this product is awesome. I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t sure what to expect. I tried one out after getting it, and I felt my skin looked more toned afterwards. This was reaffirmed when I got complimented as I was told I looked like I had lost weight and was definitely looking tighter and more toned. I cannot wait to continue to use these detox wraps and pull all the gunk out of my skin!The wraps are super easy to use. You mix up the clay mixture to a thick consistency, put it on…