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Anti-inflammatory green smoothies and juices: Quick reference, guide and recipes

by on 07/28/2018

Do you have health problems related to inflammation? Do you want to know the best anti-inflammatory diet? Green smoothies and juices are the best for fighting inflammation along with a number of other diet and food tips all presented in this book!

I am Lily Penrose – a health and beauty writer who has been interested in holistic, alternative and natural healing approaches for a long time. I am a self-taught but certified natural health specialist. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge through my books and helping other people deal with the problems I have struggled with. I will tell you and teach you about:

  • The nature of inflammation (pages 6 – 13)
  • The Negative Impact of Inflammation (pages 13 – 16)
  • How to Control Inflammation with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, with Green Smoothies and Juices (pages 16 – 22)
  • Recommended Ingredients for Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothies and Juices (pages 22 – 30)
  • Various Anti-Inflammatory Recipes (pages 30 – 32)
  • Foods to Avoid (pages 32 – 34)

All these recipes are guaranteed to be delicious, healthy and promote your hair growth and health!

Follow the the tips and diet in this book and you will fight inflammation effortlessly!

Are you ready to learn about the anti-inflammatory diet featuring green smoothies and juices and greatly improve your health? Scroll up and hit that buy button!

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2 thoughts on “Anti-inflammatory green smoothies and juices: Quick reference, guide and recipes

  1. J A says:

    A must read for anyone who wants to control inflammation, save money, and take their life back! I suffer from chronic inflammatory problems and I am unable to take certain medications due to them causing my stomach to bleed, the medicines I can take are an absolute waste of money and just add more toxins to my body. I also prefer holistic, natural approaches over pharmaceuticals as they have worked for many people for thousands of years, and I have found them to work well for me.. They also don’t have the harmful side effects that can accompany popping a pill. So I decided to give…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Last week my elder cousin told few things about this book and after hearing from her about anti-inflammatory diet and all these recipes, I got curious and didn’t miss my chance to purchase this book even its price was affordable. Anyways, I really liked all these recipes, these are very easy to prepare.I already tired some of these recipes and very satisfied with that. No doubt about these quick reference & guides are very useful. This read enlarge my knowledge about the importance of…