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Alkaline Green Smoothies: Delicious Fruit, Veggie & Superfood Smoothie Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Amazing (even on a busy schedule) (Alkaline Smoothie Recipes)

by on 04/14/2019

Are you looking for quick and easy alkaline recipes?

Something you can make in just a few minutes?

Something you can enjoy as a quick breakfast, delicious, guilt-free treat, or even a spicy, creamy soup?

If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

 Alkaline Green Smoothies are just perfect if you:

-want to enjoy unstoppable energy

-don’t have the time to cook complicated meals

-are bored with the “old way ” of making green smoothies (and if you get bored, you lose motivation, right?)

-want quick and easy guilt-free recipes that taste delicious

-don’t want green smoothies that taste “too green”

-are looking for simple ways to put those veggies together and make them taste good (even meat eaters will easily get seduced by Alkaline Green Smoothies)

-want to have the freedom of picking the taste you like (inside you will find both sweet and sour recipes, and they are all super healthy, fun ..and GREEN to help you thrive).

OK, so what’s inside?

Aside from the “main dish” (40 sexy Green Smoothie Recipes, coming straight from Marta’s Holistic Alkaline Lab), you will also find:

easy to follow Alkaline Diet & Lifestyle guidelines to help you shift to healthy habits you love easily, within 7 days or less

-exactly what to eat more of and what to cut down on

-what kinds of juices and smoothies are good for you and your health goals (and the #1 mistake most people make with juicing, smoothies and alkaline diet)

-BONUS – 7 highly nutritious and satisfying alkaline smoothie bowl recipes (just perfect as a quick, on the go breakfast; you will even learn how to re-cycle your smoothies and turn them into tasty smoothie bowls (sweet, spicy or sour, whatever you want, we got you covered).

-simple to follow (in the Real World, aka by people who work full time and have families) motivation & lifestyle tips to help you eat healthy without feeling deprived (and without having to quit your favorite foods forever, instead we will focus on creating the balance and a healthy lifestyle you LOVE and get hooked on!)

Alkaline Green Smoothies consist of the best veggies, low sugar fruit, chlorophyll-rich greens, and beautiful herbs and superfoods to help you THRIVE and SHINE!

All Alkaline Green Smoothie recipes are:

-100% Plant-Based (and warmly inviting people from all Nutritional Lifestyles, everyone can benefit from adding more alkaline green smoothies to their diet!)

-Alkaline friendly (even if you’re new to the alkaline diet, don’t worry, Marta will lay it out to you quickly and easily)

-Dairy-Free (yet they taste creamy and delicious)

-Low in sugar (no more energy crashes)

-Rich in vitamins and minerals as well as anti-inflammatory, alkaline-forming herbs for an optimal experience (your taste buds will love)

-written in a simple to follow, plain English+ easy to find ingredients and actionable instructions (that even a 10 year old can understand)

 Ready to Join Our Alkaline Green Smoothie party?

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3 thoughts on “Alkaline Green Smoothies: Delicious Fruit, Veggie & Superfood Smoothie Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Amazing (even on a busy schedule) (Alkaline Smoothie Recipes)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Every smoothie lover needs to read this book

  2. Anonymous says:

    This book makes changing bad eating habits fun! So, I was given a prepublication copy to read and review. But I volunteered to do that because I have purchased most, if not all of Marta’s books and was looking forward to her latest. I remember sitting in the auditorium at Bastyr, watching as Victoria Butenko held up a sheaf of Lacinato kale and described trying and becoming deathly ill when she attempted to drink a kale “smoothie” made with just kale and water. Then she learned that gorillas wrap their bananas with green leaves, and thus,…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I first found out about Marta at my doctor’s office a couple of years ago. As I was waiting for my appointment in the lobby area, I found one of her books about alkaline diet lifestyle. I was needing to change my diet due to a cancer diagnosis. I knew I needed to change the foods I was consuming to help my body heal and overcome my immune system deficiency. I had already been trying to go all organic and non GMO. Most other recipes and cookbooks I had tried were complicated and required so…