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7-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose 15 Pounds in Just 7 Days with Green Smoothies

by on 11/24/2018

Take 7-Day Tried and Tested Green Smoothies Challenge to Shed up to 15 Pounds in Just a Week

Why starve yourself to death to look beautiful when you can do it in a healthy and natural way? While the world is going insane after appetite suppressants and fat burning pills for quick weight loss, there is long of list of side effects of relying on over-the counter weight loss medicines. A natural and healthy way to shed pounds is deep cleansing and detoxification. Our body is naturally programmed to monitor the level of toxins in our blood and flushing these chemicals out of the body before they cross the threshold point (after which these toxins start damaging the body internally). Cleansing is a process which facilitates the removal of toxic chemicals and helps us avoid a number of health issues and lose weight quickly.

Green cleanse refers to relying on green veggies and fruits in adequate amount to shed pounds quickly and this Book can help you with that. The Book contains an inclusive 7-day green smoothies program that can help you reduce up to 15 pounds in just a week- amazing, isn’t it!

In this Book you will find:

•    An introduction to cleansing- the basic concept and health benefits.
•    Information on how weight loss is associated with cleansing.
•    Description about green cleansing program.
•    25 smoothies (milky, milk-free and creamy smoothies).
•    How smoothies can be used as meal supplements.
•    A list of fresh greens and fruits that you are supposed to consume for deep cleansing and weight loss.

Improper removal of toxins and chemicals can lead to weight gain, and cleansing can help you get rid of those bulges. So try this 7-day green smoothie challenge and bid farewell to those extra pounds!

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