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5 Day Green Smoothie Detox Plan

by on 06/23/2019

Are you ready to press “reset” on all sorts of unhealthy habits to give your body a chance to heal itself, cleansed and purified of the toxins that your busy life puts into it? Then you’re ready to try the 5 Day Green Smoothie Detox Plan!

Green smoothies have become popular in recent years for many good reasons. They are an excellent way to consume essential nutrients like phytochemicals with antioxidant, anticancer, and cleansing properties, which are found in green leafy vegetables. But mostly they’re popular because they help you lose weight and feel terrific!

In this audiobook you will find 25 simple, delicious, and easy-to-prepare green smoothie recipes. Just try five a day to detox and cleanse your way to optimum health!

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One thought on “5 Day Green Smoothie Detox Plan

  1. Anonymous says:

    “5 Day Green Smoothie Detox” was chock full of terrific recipes for making healthy green smoothies using fresh green veggies along with fruits and herbs to cleanse your body of daily toxins. This works. You can’t go wrong with this audiobook. Also, these are easy to make.Along with these terrific recipes, this audiobook also explains what these foods contain such as chlorophyll from plants which is good for the blood, the liver, and other organs as well as numerous other…