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40 Green Smoothies for Weight Loss: 40 Green Smoothies To Help You Lose Weight & Keep You Thin

by on 11/29/2018

The 40 Green Smoothies for Weight Loss will give you a head start in your weight loss, boost your energy levels, keep you focused, and transform your health completely. Made up of some of the most powerful superfoods, green smoothies will fill you up and leave you feeling healthy as you enjoy drinking them. Your body will feel great as you drink them bringing your health and energy levels to places you never imagined possible. This is a transformation that could change your life if you weave these into your diet permanently! This book provides several recipes, and fresh new combinations, with a easy to read layout. Blending these tasty treats is so easy a child could do it. If you are ready to slim down, feel healthier, and look more attractive than you have in years then prepare yourself for a total body transformation! By drinking these Green Smoothie recipes you can expect to… • Lose 2-4 inches in just 2 weeks • Shed body fat, including the stubborn belly area • Have the weight fly off of you with no need for back breaking workouts • Have a new diet plan to keep you healthy for years to come by implementation • Have a natural hunger for foods that are great for your body • Have pages of smoothie combinations that you will love and that fit your health needs

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