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100% Natural Colon Cleanse – Organic Plant Based Detox System To Relieve Constipation & Lose Weight Fast – Sustain Digestive Enzyme Health, Aid Weight Loss & Calm Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

by on 11/05/2015


Comprised of eleven naturally detoxifying herbs, the Cleanse Formula helps support a clean, healthy digestive system. Each of the ingredients have been keystones of traditional holistic practices for centuries. Oat seed is a source of ample soluble fiber. Alfalfa, which is named for an Arabic phrase meaning Father of All Foods, has been widely celebrated, from the ancient Chinese to the Native Americans, for its abundant amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Combined, the essential nutrients from these plants and nine others create the supreme all natural toxin eliminator.

Product Features

  • DETOX: Exposure to food additives, preservatives, alcohol, and processed sugar accumulate in the body over time in the form of harmful toxins. Vidazen’s Cleanse Formula is safe and gentle. It is imbued with natural herbs rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • NOURISH: Alfalfa Leaf is teeming with protein, amino acids, and vitamins; the plant was traditionally used holistically by the Native Americans and ancient Chinese. Oat Seed is historically believed to bring a sense of calm and is rich in soluble fiber. Those are only two of the 11 super herbs which comprise Vidazen’s Cleanse Formula.
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR HEALTH: A distressed digestive tract can result in low energy and feeling sluggish. Nutrient dense, naturally cleansing herbs can revitalize the body.
  • THE POWER OF PLANTS: Our ingredients have been keystones of traditional holistic theories for centuries. From Goldenseal Root, used by the Iroquois, to Gentian, used by the ancient Bosnians.
  • MAINTAIN THE LIFESTYLE: To maximize the benefits of our Cleanse Formula, we suggest drinking plenty of water, reducing or eliminate processed foods, and staying active.

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3 thoughts on “100% Natural Colon Cleanse – Organic Plant Based Detox System To Relieve Constipation & Lose Weight Fast – Sustain Digestive Enzyme Health, Aid Weight Loss & Calm Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  1. Angela B says:

    One More Happy Tummy Coming Up! I’ve always wanted to start detoxing and didn’t know where to start. Aside from that … I have been worried with side effects too! So I have seeked out professional opinion and had been advised to try the All Natural Colon Cleanse by Vidazen. Everything starts from what we eat and knowing I only eat healthy foods occasionally or when I am “trying” to diet … I need to start asap.Two weeks after using this product I am now able to share that I have less cravings on food and…

  2. Amanda Vinson says:

    All Natural Colon Cleanse – Vidazen I have struggled with stomach issues for a while now. I was recently told that a colon cleanse may be a good place to start in an attempt to find relief. I talked to my doctor, and he agreed. I don’t like taking medicine so I tried to find one with natural ingredients. I was thrilled to find All Natural Colon Cleanse – Vidazen. The incredients include: Alfalfa Leaf, Aloe Vera Leaf, Bentonite, Buckthorn Bark, Calcium as Calcium Carbonate, Gentian Root, Goldenseal Root, Lactobacillus Acidophilus,…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    One pill is enough! What really got me in all honesty was the pill bottle itself. Great advertisement, lol, it’s a really cute bottle/design. Anyways, it says to take 4 a day, but I gave it a try with one only with dinner, as that’s when I eat the worst. This really works, and it works immediately, plus no stomach ache that feels like killer cramps. I do not like pills that work 6-12 hours later and catch me by surprise… hell no! So this was great, by taking one it got the job done, safe and light. I’ll be…