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10 Days to a Healthy You: 10 Day Green Smoothie Plan

by on 12/25/2018

Do you feel stuck and need to give your weight loss a MAJOR jump start? Do you feel like your always tired and feeling unhealthy on the inside? Are you sick of working out and seeing minimal to no results? If you answered YES to any of the above….THAN THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! This eBook provides you with 10 days of green smoothie recipes that will have you losing up to 15 lbs, a modified plan along with an eating template to educate you on when to eat. Are you ready to look slimmer and feel healthier than you have in years? Than check out this 10 Day Green Smoothie cleanse, and start transforming your life today! With successful implementation of this plan you will:•Start losing weight without working hard•Begin burning stubborn fat•Learn how to live a healthier lifestyle•Get excited about eating healthy

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One thought on “10 Days to a Healthy You: 10 Day Green Smoothie Plan

  1. Anonymous says:

    During the reading of Ms. DaCosta book, one thing that caught my attention was the details provided for each meal plan. Plans are outlined in a simple easy to follow format making your goals for weight loss etc seem very achievable. I like Janice’s different innovative ideas for smoothies as well. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone trying to achieve weight loss and individual body type goals. Janice ma’am thank you your book was very informative and provides fresh viewpoints on…